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Side effects of MRI Scan

I have suspected Ulcerative colitis. Been on steriod treatment with a reducing dose for 6 weeks which i started to become ill again on just the one tablet a day. They put me on the higher dose again and i was fine up until my mri. It was a week ago now, and i was very sick with the contrast and the clear out drink and ever since my stomach hasnt been the same. For two nights now i have been passing extremely bloody stools (bright red). Do you think the MRI preparation has caused this? anyone with similar experience?
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Jo, I'm very sorry that it's taken so long to get a reply for this post, and I'm even more sorry that I don't have an answer for your question. I have been lucky enough to not have to do an MRI as of yet. But I'm sending you hugs and hope you feel better.

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I had a CT scan recently. I was awfully ill for about three days with diarrhoea, I discovered the prep I had to drink was a laxative. But it is concerning that your stools are bloody. You might want to check with your doctor
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I'd be shocked if MRI contrast caused bleeding. Gadolinium is generally pretty safe and it goes directly into the blood and bypasses the GI. Even oral contrast prep should not cause bleeding.

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