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Immune-suppressents and Immune Increasing Vitamins

I've just started Methotrexate. I've been taking 2000-4000mg of Vitamin C over the last year or two to help boost my immune system. Will it defeat the purpose of the immuno-supressents if I keep on taking the Vitamin C? Should I just stop taking the Vitamin C for the methotrexate to have it's full effect? Is there anyone else who has had a similar situation in regards to immune-suppressents and Vitamins? I'll continue to have my B12 injections and sometimes Iron due to my deficiency. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated
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It's a question I have been asking doctors and experts at various forums for years and there is no consensus. I have heard the argument that because of our suppression of specific aspects of our immune system ie: TNF production that boosting the immune system as a whole is beneficial. The flip side argument is that we are decreasing an over active immune system and that these supplements are counterproductive.

I have never been given a rationale explanation that gives me confidence in either philosophy. My personal approach is to take immune boosting supplements with caution and at low doses. I'd much prefer to focus on immune boosting foods that don't have the high quantities to cause too much imbalance yet are good overall.

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