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Issue with delzicol after missing doses

My son is 14 and last year he was diagnosed with Crohns. He has been taking Delzicol since March and has done well on it--absolutely no issues at all. A couple of months ago he started missing some of his doses. It is difficult with the timing because his school gets out at 4:00 and he was sometimes missing that second dose. As a mother I feel awful because I always ask did you take your medicine to which he replies yes--I didn't ask did you take all of it and I didn't realize that the prescription was late on a refill.

Over the holidays we spend a couple of weeks away from home and he ends up eating alot of things he doesn't normally have, encounters alot of animals, gets less sleep, etc. We first noticed the problem after vacation last year and this year it was the same thing but then we found out he was about a month behind on his pills.

My question is about Delzicol or mesalamine in general and missing doses. He first started taking it after he had to take an antibiotic for strep throat which caused horrible amounts of blood and diarrhea. Within the day of taking it things started improving and within about 3 days everything was back to normal. This time he has been consistently taking the correct amount for the past 2 weeks and it seems like things are getting worse. I read some things about mesalamine intolerance and I'm wondering if that could be it? can medicines just stop working for no reason? does not taking it as prescribed for a period of time cause an issue? Can a different mesalamine med help? The Dr gave us samples of Lialda because it might be cheaper and it doesn't have to be taken 3x a day. He saw his Dr last week and he said give it about 10 days (because he looked so good and all of his bloodwork had been perfect in Dec) but if things deteriorate call him for a new plan of action. Any experiences with Delzicol , mesalalmine would be helpful. I am worried because he is so young and I understand that the medicine he takes is one of the weakest ones to take and I was so grateful he was doing so well --now I am worried that he will have to step up in the strength of medication he takes or even maybe have to do steroids.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Issue with delzicol after missing doses
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