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"It's all in your head!"

Totally just ranting here. Ignore me.

Why do doctors always call you crazy and say "it's all in your head" when they may be just plain idiots? Ugggh! It's is so rude, and I really don't think any doctor besides a psychiatrist should have permission to just write people off as nuts, especially because they are a medical mystery. Seriously, sometimes I just want to pop one of my doctor in the head
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Aww, I'm sorry. I guess they just don't want to admit that they have no idea what to do and if your symptoms don't fit X Y and Z then you couldn't possibly have _____, therefore, it's in your head or you're making it up. I've heard a lot of people on the forum mention this and never had a doctor suggest it to me until recently. I had been having issues that I couldn't explain but they were bothering me so my doctor had a test done and all was fine with that so it couldn't possibly be that apparently and since my issue isn't constant then it couldn't possibly be another issue. So he said it was psychological and that I need mental help basically. I'll do the song and dance and see a psychiatrist but if I wind up dying I would totally haunt his ass for the rest of his life. If it continues then I'll just find another doctor (everyone needs to do this) which is what you're basically doing since you're being sent to Mayo I saw. Hope you find answers.
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