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Ever heard of an over read of a cat scan

Hi, I am currently undiagnosed and was wondering if anyone has ever heard of an over read of a cat scan.

My body started going haywire a little over 2 years ago. I have had an ultrasound of my kidneys, 2 abdominal CT's, neck CT, cystoscopy, renal scan, Cholecystectomy(gallbladder removed), endoscopy, colonoscopy, and pill cam. Not to mention more blood tests and urine tests than I can count. Yet my problems still persist.

My most recent abdominal CT results were: Small Bowel: Wall thickening of the distal ileum suspicious for inflammatory bowel disease versus infectious enteritis. This was not evident previously. (They had the first CT to compare)

These results prompted by GI to do a colonoscopy which was normal. No biopsies were taken. Based on the normal colonoscopy he ordered a pill cam to get a look at the small intestine. 2 days after pill cam received a phone call from physicians assistant stating results were normal. Asked her about the inflammation of the ileum and was told it was probably an over read.

Wanted to talk to the GI personally so made another appointment. He said the same thing, it was an over read. I asked if the pill cam could miss diagnosing crohns disease. He stated no because there would be ulcers. I am now being told I have IBS.

I have never heard of an over read of a cat scan. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar or heard of this.

Thank-You in advance for taking the time to read this and for any input you may have.
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Yes I have been told that before.
I've had several scans, mri's ect
Your dr can request a reread by a differnt
Radiologist ... But that's if you can get the dr to do
It. Or you can get the films and pay to have
Them reread yourself. Never done that before
But I've seen ads online
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Hi, Thanks for the input will definitely look into having that done (didn't know you could). The explanation my GI gave me was that the CT machine could have gave the over read due to the angle. He said the ileum could have appeared inflamed when it really wasn't. As I said never heard of any of this before and find it very confusing. Will definitely try to get a second opinion on the scan. Thanks again.
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Hi Fallen Angel, with CT scans, the thickness of the bowel wall can indicate the degree of inflammation. The problem with bowel wall thickening is that the intestine is a muscular organ, and when it contracts, the bowel wall will thicken in the area of the contraction, making it hard to say if it was just a contraction (completely normal) versus pathological thickening. That is why other signs on the CT indicating inflammation can be useful if they are there or not (ie. increased uptake of contrast in the area, fat stranding, etc).

The best way to decide if it was pathological or not though is to have a direct look at the area. So, colonoscopy if it is in the end of the ileum, or a capsule endoscopy.

It sounds like you've been well worked up. The only other potential suggestion would be a faecal calprotectin for what it's worth, if that was normal, it would be quite reassuring, and would also go towards IBS being the likely diagnosis.

Best wishes.
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Hi, Thanks for your input and the suggestion for the fecal calprotectin test. I have never had any stool tests done.

My GP has actually referred me to a new GI for a second opinion. She wants the second opinion because of a few things going on. I have joint pain, continued blood in the urine due to bladder inflammation and raised WBC including neutrophils and monocytes. As well as the back and forth between diarrhea and constipation with mucous in stool. She just wants to make sure because she said she likes to figure out what's going on not just treat the symptoms.

But thank you again for your input and suggestion. Will definitely be asking for the fecal calprotectin test at my GI appointment in a few weeks. Hopefully it is just IBS.

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