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wow Toni68 - I feel for you, that's tough. The joys of healthcare and time contraints!! And then throw Crohns in the mix! xx
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So I am newly dx officially today by my GI with Crohn's. Not exactly a great day. I have been doing a lot of reading for the past several days on these forums and they have helped me a lot! I am an ER nurse. My passion is the ER, but over the past year my health has deteriorated quickly. I even changed to a smaller ER in hopes that would help with my fatigue and stomach problems.....not so lucky! My health is the worst it has ever been. I just had 6 days off and stayed in bed all but 1 of those days. My joints hurt so bad, I am SO exhausted, along with the stomach problems. I saw my GI doc today who is putting me on budesonide to hopefully decrease these symptoms. I am really nervous about being on this medication and working in an ER. We often place pt's on isolation after the we have exposed ourselves by assessing them. I was on prednisone a few weeks ago and ended up with shingles. My immune system sucks! Any advice now that I am starting this medication? Thank you in advance!!!
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bit late but just to say i have been on 2 immunosupressants and steroids sometimes and have always been ok at work. you can ask occ healthy if there is something you arent sure about like treating tb and other infections. when we had a patient with gastroenteritis, i just asked if someone else could see to them, which they did. didnt want to catch that!
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Currently undiagnosed, but going through some similar issues. I work as an RN on a very busy Medical-Surgical unit, twelve hour night shifts. I just started the job about three weeks ago before some new health issues popped up unexpectedly. Thankfully, my new health insurance kicked in on my 2nd day on the job. Unfortunately, I have no PTO at the moment, so I'm having to schedule appointments on my days off. I'm still in the orientation period, and will come off of it in about a week and a half.

I'm hoping, praying, that whatever is wrong with me doesn't require surgery or a hospital stay in the near future...I haven't had this job that long, and I'm afraid they wouldn't "hold" it for me if I did have to be out sick. I would probably be able to go back to my previous job part-time or something, but I really don't want to do that. This whole ordeal is upsetting, and I don't know how to feel about it.

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