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Medical insurance england ??

hi all i wondered if anyone can help i have taken out private health care insurance as we all know the NHS is pretty rubbish !!

I have got an IBS diagnosis because in my consultants words until Crohns can be seen visibly without any doubt with a biopsy to prove it or a serious stricture, obstruction or perforation she can only diagnose IBS. ( trialing IBD medication is no longer available on NHS even when symptoms suggest Crohns )

I have taken out private health care and i am wondering as i am now officially IBS if a private consultant diagnoses Crohns will i be covered as its not a pre- existing condition?

just for interest my symptoms are as follows

Anal skins tags, raised calprotecting , low iron , albumin, b12 , blood in stool , joint pain , response to steroids and excellent pentasa ( paid one of privately for this ) LRQ pain and one obstruction 2 and half years ago !!
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i know that Crohns is classified as a chronic condition and isn't covered once diagnosed through private medical.

I know this as i took ill in November and was lucky enough to get a very quick diagnosis (not the one I wanted but still Crohn's confirmed) I now need to transfer to NHS care going forward.

Call and check before so you don't incur any expensive charges.
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i'm sure the insurance covers chronic conditions because according to my nhs consultant even if i get diagnosed privately the nhs will do its own tests before diagnosing again !!! flipping silly !! so i just wondered if the private health insurance would kick up a fuss as i had ibs but i've answered everything honestly ?? i'm just asking around you know what insurance companies are like!!! lol
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To be honest I haven,t found the nhs rubbish occasionally slow and frustrating but I,d take a safe guess that your private cover won,t cover crohns as you were diagnosed with ibd they,ll say it's an underlying condition also they won,t like lifetime cover for a chronic illness.hopefully it,ll be under control sooner rather than later.all the best,good luck
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I have private medical insurance and have used it for two of my Crohn's surgeries and for consultations with my surgeon. I've also had several MRI and CT scans covered by my insurance. I have however had my policy since I was a baby as I was covered by my parent's insurance.

My surgeon would usually prefer to do my surgery under the NHS as my Crohn's is complicated and there are more resources available. I see my Gastro and IBD nurse (who are fantastic!) at an NHS hospital and have been an inpatient there for a good couple of months over the last 15 months. I was however able to claim 50 a night for every night I stayed in an NHS hospital from my insurance company :-)

I guess as you have symptoms of some kind it would be classed as pre-existing even if you have been diagnosed with IBS at the moment. I hope you get a definite diagnosis soon and some relief.

Lucinda x

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I wouldn't be too quick to favour private over nhs as I have had a couple of ops done privately with spire and have ended up being rushed by ambulance to nhs hospital as private could not cope with complications.
Private is all well and good for rushing through appointments, scans, etc but in future I think I am going to stick with nhs for ops. I am currently awaiting an op at hope hospital in Manchester and although I am mot happy about timescales I am infinitely more comfortable in their ability to sort out my problems (enterocutaneous fistula originating from j pouch, from botched private op).

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