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Side Effects of Entocort

I have been diagnosed at the age of 58 with crohns disease in the terminal ileum. I have never had pain , just increased diarrhea. My GI first put me on Lialda but that made my stomach more active and gave me urgent bouts of diarrhea. He is wanting to try Entocort now....just wondering what others have thought about this drug. Thanks.
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Entocort is a steroid which is used to help reduce inflammation quickly. Steroids are meant for short term treatment so you may want to talk to your doctor about trying a different maintenance medication (besides Lialda) even though you don't have many symptoms currently (the goal is to avoid more symptoms and complications in the future).

For me Entocort always worked great and didn't cause any side effects unless I was on it for a long time. I started noticing side effects during the 5th month I was on it at 9mg per day, main one being some slight facial hair growth which stopped after I stopped the medication. Here's a list of possible side effects:

Hope it works for you and please keep us posted.
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I took entocort for about 4 months(add or take a few weeks). I gained 20 pounds, which caused stretch marks on my thighs and hips. Excess hair growth on my face, back, and arms. 'Moon face' and buffalo back bump. Food cravings and constant hunger. And acne. Those were my side effects. But once I came off it I was back to normal within a few months.

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