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Blood in vomit

Today was my first workout with my private trainer ever since my diagnosis in November 2012. I have been feeling fantastic for over six months now. Only a few BM each day, no cramp, no blood, no pain, my stool is back to a normal color and consistency... it was time to work out again.

Except I threw up 2 minutes after the trainer left home. I pushed myself too hard probably, but what really bothered me was the blood in the actual vomit. That concerns me greatly.

First, I thought UC made you bleed only in the intestine? I was diagnosed with pancolitis, but even then, could the blood travel all the way up when you vomit? Or could my workout have irritated my stomach?

My gastroscopy was clean and my biopsies revealed UC, not Crohn's. My betterhalf thought I might have been misdiagnosed but I told her the biopsies would have revealed something if so.

I was wondering if anyone with UC had ever threw up food mixed with a moderate amount of blood (it wasn't just a drop)? And if you did, were you flaring aggressively?

I do think I will write to my IBD nurse but I prefer to keep my intereactions with my GI to a minimum.
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I'm sorry to just have seen this Francis . I have no ideas on this, other than to hope that you were seen about this. Vomiting blood is not a good thing. Are you feeling any better? Sending hugs your way.
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I sure hope you are feeling better.

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