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Naturally Fighting Crohns

Hey everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone else has had experience with the SCD diet or the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

I was diagnosed with severe Crohns last April (2013) after weeks stay in the hospital and put on prednisone for three months and 75mg of Imuran. (no surgery) Within 6 months miraculously I had achieved remission seen in my colonoscopy and we were amazed.

However.. with the Imuran I have been catching so many sicknesses. I got mono, the flu, and many colds in between in this short period.. while I used to rarely get sick.

Because I have been in remission and doing so well.. and the Imuran has had such rough side effects.. I have really been considering doing the SCD diet long term as long as I can. The side effects have been worse for me than Crohns itself.

I have been gluten free for many years and dairy limited.. and the diet seems to play a huge role for me. I also take probiotics, fish oil, vitamin D, and zinc.

Do any of y'all have experience with this or thoughts with this?

I am needing to come off Imuran soon anyways because the doctors don't want me on it long term. So I can either move to a Biologic (ex. remicade) or try natural. I am doing so good so it is hard to make the decision to go on such a big medicine.

Thanks so much! I appreciate your thoughts/ideas.
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Hi there and welcome to the community. Your thread ended up in the wiki so I've moved it here to the SCD forum. I'm sure that some people in this subforum will have some insight for you and you may want to check out some of the existing threads as well.

All my best to you.
It's good to be back

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