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I am 15 years old and was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease this august. I was sick at home for two weeks, and admitted in the hospital for two also. I was on steroids until early November and I had a "moon face" that is finally almost gone now. I lost 25 lbs but now I've gained it back, but now it's mostly muscle. I have had to change eating habits: mostly popcorn and nuts. What would you recommend for eating healthier? that has been my biggest problem. Also I am now lossing lots of hair from being so sick. I am on remicade now but I was on steroids, prevacid, flagyl, and probably more but i forget now.

This all came so suddenly, I had never had any symptoms before, but now thisis my lifestyle.

Also if anyone has any tips or advice message me or post below!
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Welcome to the forum! Tons of info and advice here

As far as food goes, everyone is different. Some people can handle things that others can't. It's more or less trial and error. If you look in the diet and fitness forum there are different diets to try and personal experiences with them
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hi I recently turned 16, but I'm taking the Modulen diet instead of steroids so at the moment I've given up all foods :/ I've also heard that everyone different and you should try different foods and see what your reaction is to each one, that's what I'm going to need to do in 5-6 weeks once I've finished my diet
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general foods that are o.k fish,chicken,potatoes,rice,eggs,homemade soup,avoid greasy,oily,over processed junk food treat salad and raw veggies with caution,same with fruit some good and some bad.
veggies are fine cooked beware of salad onions,coleslaw,danger UXB!all the best good luck
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My wife has a mild case of Crohn's. She's able to manage her Crohn's without medication if she is very careful about what she eats. Everyone, I've learned, is different in terms of the severity of their disease and the foods they can eat. There are many great ideas on this forum and I second what Kero said about checking out the diet section in the wiki. My wife has been medication free (accept the the Holidays) for a couple of years, because of her diet and exercise. She's been sharing everything she knows on her blog at FollowMeg.com and I'm trying to get her to be more active on this forum, but she is really busy.

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