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Joint pain

Hi everyone. Glad I found some people going through the same as me!
I contracted samonella last may and was really very Ill. Since then you iv been back and forth to the doctors with all the classic signs of crohns but they wouldn't listen. I'm training to be a nurse and only when I got to know the a&e doctors did people start listening! My mouth constantly full of horrible ulcers, going to the toilet I dont know how many times etc ect.

After some tests the doc said I have some form of colitis probably crohns but got to wait another 6 weeks to see the specialist. Meanwhile my symptoms are getting worse iv been back and forth to doc but they don't seem to help. My joints are really causing me trouble, I would say that's the worse part at the moment as I'm filling myself up with immodium so I can go out (although this sometimes has little effect)! My hands, knees, back even feet are killing me! I'm in bed early and struggle to get up. Feel so weak, its really getting me down now. At a bit of a loss here as and so any tips\ help would be much appreciated.

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I also tend to be going to tyher toilet about 6-10 times in a day then nothing for 3-5 _days! Does any one else experience this? X
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leah H
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Hi Claire. I'm sorry you are going through this, but the going back and forth between D and C ( constipation) is a symptom of microscopic colitis (it can only be dx through biopsies taken during a colonoscopy). Mine is D dominant. Some on the colitis forum have both Crohns and Colitis.

Anyway, what you eat make s huge difference. The joint pain makes me think you have a leaky gut. Undigested food is getting into your blood stream and causing joint inflammation. Most people who have a leaky gut have to give up gluten.It's the biggest offender. Dairy is also hard ( impossible) to digest when you have gut inflammation. Raw fruits and veggies have too much fiber. I was able to heal my gut by going on a diet of meats, eggs, cooked squash like veggies,sweet potatoes, and white rice and it's products. It took months, but since then I have been able to add many things back in ( now that I have two years of healing under my belt). I now only go once a day with very few problems if I stay gluten, dairy, and soy free. Patience is needed, but you CAN get better.
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Thankyou for this, I'll give the diet thing a look into aswell. Claire x
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Hi Claire I'm steph.
Recently diagnosed although looking back I've had something brewing for quite some time just put my chronic D down to my love of freshly ground coffee (god I miss that ).
I had a bout of campylobacter which is similar to salmonella and e-coli and like you it's when my symptoms really escalated, I was back and forth to doctors until I was finally diagnosed last December.
My advice would be to follow leah H advice Please keep us posted, and good luck
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Hi Claire. This is my first time in this forum or any other forum. I have had severe joint pain off and on for years. My doctor just told me that he thought I had osteopinial. I know that's spelled wrong but he said it was the effects of being on prednisone. I sometimes can feel it in my knee caps or in my finger joints, elbows, etc. I just wanted to mention this to give you another thing to look in to. He prescribed extra calcium for me and Vitamin B12. The quickest relief was putting a body pillow between my legs if it was in my knees so they didn't touch one another. Hope this helps and you get down to the bottom of your situation.

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