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Ocular migraines

Does anyone else out there get ocular migraines? What do you do for them?
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I have chronic migraines. I have a mental checklist I go through first: did I sleep enough? Did I drink enough? Did I eat enough? Often it's just due to lack of food/water, or poor sleep, and eating/drinking or taking a nap will often help.

Once I've gone through that checklist, I resort to medication. Extra strength advil is usually enough for me unless it's particularly bad. There are triptans you can take (prescription) if your migraines are recurring and particularly bad, but you would have to go to a doctor for them. I have a neurologist I see regularly because of mine.

While you're waiting for medication to kick in, try to avoid bright lights or any other potential sensory triggers. I would usually go lay down with a wet towel on my forehead or something cool for my head and turn all the lights off.
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I get ocular migraines, the type with the trippy flashing lights, vision loss and no headache. They last about 30 mins for me and there doesn't seem to be much you can do about them when they start. They happen a lot more when I am unwell or stressed.
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I get these too, not that often though. Mine start as a sort of fuzziness at the periphery of my vision, and slowly move in until my whole field of view is involved. Then it slowly recedes. It leaves me feeling sort of trippy or spaced, sometimes leading to a headache. As mentioned above though, when it starts I can't really do anything about it. Takes about 1.5 hours for me.
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I get them. I'm partially blind in my left eye and it can really mess things up for me while they're happening. They usually start bottom right of my right eye's field of view and progress towards the upper left of my left eye. While things are wonky in my right eye I can't see anything. Once it's moved to my left eye I can a least see with one eye. There's nothing I can take to stop it and it usually lasts for 30min. Rarely it will progress to full on migraine where I need medication. Usually I don't get a headache.

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I get them too.
Wavy lines, sometimes a bright star that explodes into many small stars strange really,
but no headache
I also get the other ones with the fortification spectra that lasts about 45mins and then the severe headache,
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I get swirling lights and it obstructs my vision.

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Hi all,

I just had one. This is the second one I can recall. Its always in my left eye, lasts about 30 minutes and then goes away. Should I see a doctor about this? There isn't much they can do about it right? But then again, I have had persistent ringing in my ears since July of 2015 since I went on Prednisone (which I am now off, only on Humira). What do you guys think? I am slightly concerned because I have high cholesterol and am on birth control and with the ringing of my ears and ocular migraines I am wondering if I should be considered about clots.

Thanks, friends.

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