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Anyone had IVF? 6 years TTC :(


I'm currently trying IVF. Have had 2 failed rounds, one this week. Has anyone been through ivf or are currently going through it? I do have fertility issues, but wondered if Crohns makes conceiving harder?

Thanks xx
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Hi Emma

Sorry I can't be much help. But I am just interested to see what answers you get from others. I have had crohns for about 6-7 years now and mid last yr was also diagnosed with PCOS and an arcuate uterus. We have been trying for a year and was also wondering which health issue would it be that is making it harder, or a combination of everything. Our fertility specialist said we could try a few rounds of Clomid and if that didn't work, we would have to go onto IVF.

The very best of luck to you!
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Hi AussiemaraT. We tried for years to conceive with no luck, but I went through fistula surgeries and eventually a colostomy. We have both been tested on nhs for fertility and told we are both fine. We went for private IVF (no nhs funding where I am boo!!!) and I found out I have low AMH, which basically shows I have a low egg reserve. I was devastated. Long story short I was told no hope for my eggs and to use doner. Which we did and it had a very early miscarriage. We saw another doc who said that we cud try my eggs but had about 1% chance. We decided to try - so we cud say we had no regrets- and I got one follicle with 1 egg in it! It fertilised but unfortunately didn't stick, so my pregnancy test was negative. I only have 2 follicles on one ovary and the other is so stuck and hidden from previous Crohns and endometriosis (yep had that severely too!) that we don't know if it works or not. So we are trying to decide whether to try again with my lonely follicle or go back to doner. Ivf is very hard, so much harder than I thought, you need to be in a good place before trying. If you want any info or gave any questions let me no. Thanks for your post xxxx

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