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Do you let your kids eat raisins? Dried cranberries and the like?
Mom of DS, age 17, dx Crohn's and Celiac Oct 2008
- Remicade, started Nov 2013
- added Methotrexate/Folate March 2016
- Multivitamins, Probiotics, Vit D
- Small bowel resection, Jan 2013
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Matt eats sultanas and some other dried fruits, although not huge amounts.

Sarah will not eat dried fruit. Not because it causes her issues but she restricts her sugar intake considerably and drying concentrates sugars. She rarely juices fruits for the same reason.

Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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We got the go ahead to try beans and raw veggies/fruit again.
DS eats grapes so I assume raisins are on ok .
DS - -Crohn's -Stelara -mtx
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O can eat anything but popcorn including every seed known to man, nuts, raisins and the like.
Daughter O dx 2/1/12 at age 12
Crohns & Remicade induced Psoriasis
Vit d 2000IU
Multi vitamin plus iron

Previously used - Prednisone, Prevacid, Enteral Nutrition, Methotrexate oral and injections, Folic Acid, Probiotics, Cortofoam

Daughter T dx 1/2/15 at age 11
Vitaligo, Precoscious puberty & Crohn's
Vit D 2000IU

Previously used, Exclusive Enteral Nutrition, Methotrexate (injections and oral), Folic Acid, Entocort,IBD-AID Diet
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Jack does raisins, dried blueberries, dried cranberries

Mom to Jack (18) dx Crohn's 2/2010
Remicade - started 1/9/14; 7.5ml/kg every 6 weeks
Past meds: Imuran/Azathioprine; allopurinol; methotrexate; LDN; Prednisone; Apriso; Pentasa; EEN

Husband dx Crohn's 3/1993
currently none due to liver issues

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