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Don't know what to do

I'm currently on Pred and have been on steroids since November. This seems to have kept the bleeding/mucus/Diarrhea under control, but on Sunday morning I woke up with cramp and then had to keep rushing to the bathroom all day yesterday where I was only passing mucus with streaks of blood and getting quite bad lower back pain. I took some immodium yesterday and haven't been to the toilet today, although I am still quite sore (with a lot of the pain around my hips which is strange) and very bloated (been bloated for ages so this isn't a new thing) Should I contact my IBD nurse or just deal with it myself?
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I would say to contact your IBD nurse, especially if the bleeding is a new thing, my GI was very clear that any bleeding needs to be checked, it could be any number of things, so dont worry too much, but just give them a call and let them know what's happening, they might want to consider increasing your pred or other medications. If the pain becomes severe, or you bleed heavily you should consider going to A+E .

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make sure they screen you for GI infections like c. diff.
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