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Blood Squirting from Fistula during BM

Hi Forum,

Sorry to be so descriptive in the subject line I posted a few weeks ago that I think I may have a fistula. Well, I drove 120 miles to a colon/rectal Surgeon and he confirmed with an examination that it was indeed one.

I had the examination on Friday 2-7, and he performed a digital exam, used and ano scope, and then took a metal wire and probed the fistula opening.

The next morning, and ever since the exam, when I have a BM, blood literally squirts from the fistula opening into the toilette. Its quite a bit of bright red blood, and its very disturbing.

This did not happen before his examination so I assume that was the cause. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I have called the surgeon, but have not heard back.

Thanks for your responses!

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Oh David, that sounds quite frightening. I hope you hear from the surgeon soon. I have no experience of this type of fistula, but I feel for you.
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Hmmm. If you get a fever, I would just go straight to the ER. Did the colorectal surgeon put you on any antibiotics or give you any treatment plan at all? I would definitely ask about getting prescribed Cipro/Flagyl combo to help heal the fistula, maybe when you hear back from the surgeon's office. Keep an eye out for fevers/chills as these are signs of infection and can mean that your fistula is not being controlled well enough.
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Hi Essieluv,

Thanks for the advice. I just check my temp and its 98.6! The Dr, did prescribe Flagyl, but I didnt want to take it right away, as I usually have a couple beers at night and wanted to flush the alcohol out of my system before starting it.

I still have not heard back from the surgeon, but I have a feeling that when he used the metal probe, he must have ruptured a blood vessel or something in there. Now its trying to clot, and when I have a BM its breaks the clot and the blood comes out..

Of course that is just a theory I just know I don't want that to happen every time or I will be in trouble. Anyway, the month prior since this thing formed, blood has never come out like that, only just a tiny bit.. Now I am afraid to go to the bathroom..

I will report back what the surgeon says tomorrow.


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You sound like your on the right track with the clotting. I have heard of this happening. Any news from the surgeons office? Make sure to keep the area clean. Tubs and site baths work great. Hang in there

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