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Active Crohn's- TTC

I've had active Crohn's since I was 9 (21 years) and have decided to try to become pregnant. I've been off MTX for a year, and have been doing well on just Cimzia. In the past two months or so, my disease has become really active. I'm running to the bathroom 12 times a day, losing weight like crazy (40 pounds over 6 months), and have lots of abdominal pain.

My doctor says to start Uceris, which I did, but it gives me crazy gas and cramping and has messed up two of my menstrual cycles. I wound up getting a period every two weeks for about two months.

I'm trying to tough it out on the Cimzia alone, but I'm exhausted and dehydrated. Am I crazy for continuing to TTC with Crohn's this bad? I'm turning 31 soon and I feel like it's now or never. Has anyone else gone this route?

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Pregnancy halted my Crohns symptoms.
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Hi, Memmy! How are you feeling now?

Personally, I don't know anything about the effects of Cimzia on pregnancy. I'm going to move your thread into the Pregnancy / TTC section of the forum, though.

I would absolutely try to get my Crohn's under control before conceiving. While some people do find relief from their symptoms while pregnant, there's a lot of risk to both you and the baby.

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Do you think you could handle potential morning sickness at the moment given your dehydrated and exhausted?

I'm ttc myself... I'm 35 this year so time is ticking for me! At 31 I think you are still young and my opinion would be to get your flare under control first.

Good luck with your decision, hope you feel better soon.

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Me my,
Definitly try to get the Crohn's under control before trying to conceive. Have you spoken with your doctor about the fact that you are trying to conceive? I would also make an appt with a perinatologist for prepregnancy planning. Good luck!

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