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Can someone explain why potatoes are not Paleo?

I have seen debate about whether potatoes are or aren't Paleo. I am not paleo myself but the logic behind the diet makes sense to me on some levels. I am just wondering what people's issues may be with potatoes and root vegetables as I personally rely on them for calories and feel good on them.

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I have not paid a lot of attention to that part of the paleo diet even though I did favorise plantain and sweet potatoes rather than white potatoes when I was doing my adaptation of it.

What I've seen is something about the saponine (but they are not only present in potatoes...). Otherwise... I would believe it has to do with their glycemic index being high.
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Ahh, the ol' paleo potato debate.

There is no 'Paleo diet'
our ancestors would have eaten whatever they could find in hard times, even if it was toxic.
Tubers were always a very important source of nutrition, we produce amylase in our saliva to begin breaking down starches.

A large portion of the paleo world are (or were) terrified of carbs, but our understanding has improved a bit since the eighties.
The idea that we went from living in the forest eating leaves and animals straight to agriculture leaves out a few million years wandering the plains grubbing for tubers.
Even Rob Wolf has put potatoes back on the menu (with a couple of caveats)
Several other experts, though, have revised their statements and now say that white potatoes arenít bad, as long as you donít have problems with nightshades and/or are not trying to manage your blood sugar or lose weight.

Tubers are paleo but potatoes may cause problems
There are a couple of studies about glycoalcaloids and crohn's
so caution is recommended...
It doesn't matter if it is paleo if it causes you problems
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Diet, Fitness, and Supplements » SCD and Paleo Diets » Can someone explain why potatoes are not Paleo?
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