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HELP!!! I'm New!!!

I am new to this disease (just diagnosed Feb 6). I go to my doctor tomorrow morning to talk about various treatment options. He is starting me on a pill, and is letting me decide the other treatment, either a shot i give myself once every 2 weeks, or i will have to go in for a blood infusion once every 8 weeks. Can anybody tell me the pro's and con's of each one, which one they would recommend, etc. He also told me i have a fistula from my small intestine to my large intestine. I was told they are going to try to close it up with medication first, and possibly surgery if the medication doesn't work. How effective is medication on closing up fistulas? This recent diagnoses has really taken a toll on my wife and I. She is currently 14 weeks pregnant so this added stress is really a nightmare. There is also a chance i will be medically discharged from the army because of this, which as you could imagine with a wife, daughter, and another on the way, is a very scary thing to imagine. Any advice and support would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello Devin and sorry for the late reply. You definitely came to the right place for support and advice/information. How did your Dr. visit go? Make sure you check our the Treatment subform (sorry I tried to attach the link) there is a lot of information about Remicade and Humira.
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