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Anyone struggling with c.diff infections?

Hi everyone

I was just wondering if anyone has been struggling to get rid of their c.diff infection...... I'm on my third round of vancomycin and still feeling miserable!
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Sorry, no but have you considered fecal transplant?
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My GI doctor said that would be a last resort.... :/
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What an ass that doctor is. Vancomycin should have cleared it out. If not, the meds are not working there and passing thru too quickly, or they are dead and you now have antibiotic loose stool? In any case, also bug your doctor to have your immune system checked. It is probably in the basement and it can't fight the C-Diff. Boosting that has cleared up my constant reinfection with those nasty creatures. Also, did they tell you how to clean so that they don't spread around and play ping pong with everyone around?
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Yeah I have been EXTREMELY careful when it comes to staying clean.
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My son was dealing with the dreadful c-diff for a year on and off.We were considering doing the fecal transplant at home.The last time when he was on Vanc he started having itchy spots all over,some kind of allergic reaction.Luckily when we stopped using Vanc the c-diff was gone.It has been gone for over a year now. He is taking Florastor to prevent it from coming back.C-diff is really a nightmare,so I feel for you,but there is hope.
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I was prepared for the fight after seeing his difficult everyone here has had it. It was my daughters first time getting it and hopefully her last. Just got the 1st test back negative! I was told u should have 3 negative results before considering yourself clear. Anyone else heard that?

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I'm sorry you went through this, sorry to the others as well. It is dreadful. I had it last week of May 2013, used FT to clear it. Only cost friggin $2K. Now, same week this year, I was diagnosed w/it again, after a course of augmenten for a bad sinus infection. I tried to rid the sinus infection naturally for 14 days. Anyway, first round of vanco for 14 days with budesonide did not clear it. Now on second round. Praying hard! Even once it is gone it takes me forever to feel better again. I want to do colonscopy FMT again but don't have another $2K!!! We have all supplies for at home FT treatments. Keeping the faith. Praying you all feel 100% better.

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