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Introducing a sufferer in Switzerland

Hello Chronies
I'm a 32 year old female American living in Switzerland.
I was diagnosed with UC in 1997 after 9 months of suffering symptoms and dramatically losing weight (and being sent to a therapist when presumed bulemic and being sent to a GI by said therapist.)
Summer '97 I had a full emergency colectomy after suffering toxic mega colon (after 3 weeks in hospital trying a number of remedies.) I was given a temporary ostomy and told that I'd been cured of UC. That Halloween I fainted on my way out to a party, saw the doctor and was diagnosed with a fistula and told that I was still cured from UC.
After my pull through in spring '98, I flared twice a year (every Oct and April) and was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2002. I suffered from fistulas at grad school and was treated with drugs and temporary setons. I was given a porcine plug in 2007 but my body rejected it.
In 2009 I had agressive abscesses in the exsisting fistula as well as a new one. They sliced me up a couple of times. in two months and have now had two setons (some have fallen out and been replaced) ever since.
I've maintained a healthy sex life with my husband (married in 2007) even with the setons and even tried getting pregnant once I started getting a regular period in 2011. We were pregnant 2 months in to trying and my health responded beautifully, but we misscarried in the 11th week.
We've been trying to concieve ever since with no luck. We saw a fertility specialist and she's had trouble locating one oc my fallopian tubes (says that it was likely mislaid during my collectomy.) My hormones are good but my iron always seems too low. Apparently this may be from my chronic inflamation or my drugs.
I've been through Humira, Remicade, Asacol, ...none work (or work anymore I'm currently on Purinatol (6mp) daily and Cimzia monthly and Cortifoam and beside chronic inflamation of the pouch with horrible scarring and a too narrow rectum (which I dialate regularly - when I think of it) I'm pretty well.
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Hello there and a huge welcome to the the forum. Glad you found us. I felt quite sad reading your post and what you have been through, but you manage to sound quite upbeat. You will find many people here in similar situations. There's a subforum specifically for people with fistulas ( see the link under my avatar ) and also one for people who are trying for a baby. Have a roam around and give us a shout if you need any help.
Dx Crohn's terminal ileum April 2011
Ileocaecal resection & partial cystectomy Sept 2012
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Helen x
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Hello and you definitely came to the right place lots of support and advice. Like Grumbletum said make sure to check out the subforms for additional information.
Hubby Diagnosed 12/15/90
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12 inches of small intestine removed
Appendix removed
2007 Hemorrhoids removed
2006 resection:
2005 first perianal fistula(removed 3x & lanced still keep coming back)
2014 partial nephrectomy (stage1)
Previously medications:Humira-anaphylaxis reaction, Remicade, Cimzia, Entyvio
Current medications:
B-12, 6mp, flagyl, prednisone,
Tramadol(fistula & joint pain)

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Welcome. I am sorry for all the trouble you have had. This is a great forum to come to. Feel free to share.

Diagnosed in 1990. On Humira, Imuran, Gabapentin, Colestipol, Synthroid, Lialda. Resection in April of 2010. Allergic to Remicade, Penicillin, Flagyl, Doxycycline. Thyroid issues and psoriasis and neuropathy and mild cerebral palsy. Mild arthritis in my lower back.
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Wow,Theotherwok,youv'e had some rough times.I agree with rumbletum,poke around and check it out.Everyone has been patient and helpful with all my questions.Welcome!

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