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Currently having the worst time yet with the fissure situation. Has been an issue for awhile but always been treated with a strong course of steroids to give me healthy BMs and allow to heal...well, I have about 5 fissures tha are quite deep set so they don't heal but with antibiotics and steroids they get a bit better. But now it looks like it's heading towards an abscess- I noticed last night a very small bump (my consultant has always asked if I've had lumps around te anys and has checked himself but luckily nothing found- MRI on Monday to look for sub-dermal abscesses) that was right at the top of my inner thigh. Honestly, I have no idea if abscesses in this context form only directly around the anus(?) or if this is a haemorrhoid. It is quite small like a ball bearing but really is very painful- more so than the fissures.

For those with experience- if it is on the way to a fistula opening up around the anus (GP suggested that one has likely formed and would, if this is the case, emerge around the anus) how is this treated? While I'm here- walking for more than a couple of minutes usually result in some draping of clear mucus-y liquid and/or faecal matter. A charming new development, and one that has me not very keen to go out anywhere. So far I've been just taking wet wipes with me and frequently nipping off to public toilets to 'freshen up'. Anyone had trouble like this? I'm guessing the only real help here is getting rid of the problem, nothing you can really do much to make it any more bearable...
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I don't know if your is an abscess, but you can buy small 3x3 gauze pads that you can stick in-between your cheeks to absorb the drainage. It makes it a lot more bearable and keeps you from having to freshen up as often. I buy 1,000 at a time for $10. They are cheap and make life a lot easier. And yes, I would suggest getting rid of the problem as well, but in the mean time gauze does wonders. Hang in there, I hope it gets better for you. hopefully someone can answer your question.
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Ah, great suggestion- thanks!
And, yeH, my description was quite vague, but as precise as I could be, I'm afraid!
Thanks gain- will find some gauze pads.
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Hi David,
Draining fecal matter is a pretty sure sign of a fistula. I use panty liners and square makeup pads between my cheeks to stay clean. Best thing with a fistula is hot baths and I love to sit on a heating pad if the bath is not on option.

Do you have crohns? How they treat it will be affected by that. It is possible to remove the fistula (depending on placement) with a cutting seton or a I think its called a fistulectomy. Because those of us with crohns generally don't heal down there as well surgeons can be reluctant to offer those as an option. There are a couple other options as well - flap surgery and plugs. Like the others it depends on if you have crohns, where the fistula is and how you are doing down there - too much inflammation will rule out doing anything but a regular seton to keep it draining.

You best bet is to get an appointment with a colorectal surgeon. I would not let a regular gp or surgeon make any decisions in that area. You are going to want a specialist.

Good luck, if you have questions please ask.

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If its an abscess youre developing from a fistula, yes its painful but it will continue to grow until its drained - normally by surgery. You'll a lot better already the day after. No worries.
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Thanks. Yes, I have Crohn's, and boy do I know it right now! Hah. Going to the toilet 10 times a day and a load of pain, tiredness I could handle but this fissure/fistula thing suuuuucks. Am seeing a gastroenterologist in a couple weeks so a decision will be made...probably to try Humira and see what that does. Anyways- I shall pad myself up and waddle upwards.

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