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My Story - Could it be Crohn's?

G,Day Fellow Member,s i will start from day One i was 21 Mum took me to Hospital bad Pain right hand side they took out my Apendix ,But it was Ok then opened me up and found half my Bowel grew together they Cut half out a Recsection ,Then a year later back into Hospital 3 foot of Gang Green intestine taken out Had Very Bad loose stool for years my Tail was red raw ,Was sent to Melbourne for tests had to collect all Stool movements for a week and take them to Hospital ,for testing and they had me Blow into 12 little bottles of Blue water Like stuff after blowing it would turn white ,Came home was put on Questran Lite powder it stopped to loose stool movments ,a Few Years latter started having very Bad Gut Pains Operated Bowel Adhesions and my second operation they took my Illuim out left me with a Malabsorbsion Syndrome had to have B12 Inj at 60 days ,Then had 3Disc,s taken out of my Back by a Bad surgeon some Nuro surgery but did not help had Cronic Pain 24/7 MS Contin 100Mg Proladone Supp,s at night ,Do you think i have Crohns, or what have been under a Cronic Pain Specialist for 39 Years Now .Had 3more Adhesion opp,s i should get Flyer points for all the Operations i have had .As no Dr has said i have got Crohns as i have the Adhesions Taken out when i get fully blocked up and my Goodness talk about Pain it,s Bad .I Eat any thing i want But i will Not eat any sort of Take away food at all No Chip,s no Pizza No Mac,a,s no nothing .Do you think i should talk it over with my GP as i get sore,s on my Lip,s and have that skin disorder Vitaligo turning white bloche,s now my Son has it but Not as Bad as me i get sun Burnt in 5 Minute,s the Only Meds i take are Ms Contin 100Mg Proadone 30 Mg Valiun 5 Mg Questran Lite 2 at Night with OJ Juice been on them for 38years Now B 12 Inj Fish Oil ,Micardin 40 Mg 1 x Day .If i was a Horse they would put me Down Cheers Member,s stay well Goldwingman .??

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Hi there and welcome to the community.

When they would take out the resected portions of intestine, did they ever send it to a pathologist to see what they could determine? If so, how did the reports come back?

All my best to you.
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Hello and welcome, sorry you are having a hard time. You should definitely talk it over with your GI please let us know how it goes.
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