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My introduction

Hi there, here's some background info on my journey with Crohn's.

In September 2007, I was rushed to A&E after I almost passed out on a school trip with suspected appendicitis. I was admitted that evening for observation overnight and surgery in the morning. I was getting prepped for surgery when a senior surgeon refused to operate without further investigation. When I asked him why that was, he said he wanted to rule out things like Crohn's or cancer... and at that I somehow knew it was going to be Crohn's.

I was sent home a few days later and put on steroids with several checkups until my colonoscopy. A week before my 18th birthday, I received my diagnosis. So I spent the next three years trying different combinations of medications with little success, until I was put on Humira, which seemed to do the trick.

Looking back, I've had symptoms since I was about 15/16 but dismissed them as IBS or other things.

I think I may be having a flare but my symptoms are a bit unusual (you can read about that on the post I made in the general section) and I'm here to learn more and talk to people who understand what IBD feels like, "normal" people just don't seem to get it.
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Hello! Welcome to the forum

I'm sorry you've got to deal with this but I'm really glad you've found us. There's lots of support and advice around, everyone is really friendly and we will always do our best to help wherever we can. Nothing is too much information here so don't be embarrassed, we all know what this is like.

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Thanks for the warm welcome You're right... after living with this for almost 10 years, not a lot embarrasses me regarding Crohn's lol. However it is hard to talk to other people about it so it's good to hear from others with similar experiences.

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