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hi if anyone reads need an answer I have crohns since 1975 im now 60 and still have crohns I suffer at least twice a month with flare-ups the worst is the very painful cramping in my stomach pain that I wish id die everytime I feel it coming on . short of morphine is the only answer but I cant get it all the time but most of the times I just suffer till it passes . I have tried gas -x and everything similar to gas-x under this good gods earth but nothing seems to work other to take sedatives to sleep thru this pain . what if anything has anyone out there have tried with any success to kill or stop gas and or gas bubbles from forming or happening in the stomach . no gas means no pain for me . ill try anything and from any medical field American , oriental , anything. ty xavier cotto long suffer of crohn's
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I'm sorry to hear of your pain. I don't have a specific answer for your question. I usually try drinking Ensure (3 -6 bottles per day) when in a painful flare. It usually helps after a few hours.
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Hello sorry you are having pain if you don't mind me asking a few questions are you currently taking any maintenance medicine for your Crohn's also have you spoken with your GI about your pain?
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