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Blurred vision?

So last night while laying in bed, I began to get a headache & then the vision in the corner of my right eye became blurry. Now I just started to get another headache & the vision is blurry in the corner of my left eye. Anyone else with this problem?

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I get headaches and blurry vision pretty often too, but I tend to write it off as sinus problems. Then again, I don't know if I really should ignore it and just call it a sinus problem all the time.

Do you happen to be on any meds that can cause something like that?
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Could possibly be the meds. Since beginning Humira my vision has become increasingly worse. So bad now that I have to wear glasses.
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Sounds definitely like the meds, yeah.
What are you prescribed, Jillian?
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I just stopped taking my Entocort a few days ago, but I was on it for 4 months.

I took some pain med yesterday & within an hour the pain was gone & the vision was fine.

Nothing today.......hmmmmmmm

Thanks for your input

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