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Do any of you struggle with fatigue? It seems like no matter how much sleep I get, I'm always tired. Today I felt pretty good all day, and then the fatigue hit like a ton of bricks. GI wise I am pain-free today and feeling good other than being in the C phase of my alternating C & D. The fatigue makes me feel like it's a struggle to do anything other than sit around like a lump, though.
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I'm with you, it's incredibly debilitating and I think it's just common whenever the body is fighting illness.
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I'm pretty fatigued but its mainly because my body wakes up constantly through the night and in the morning. I want a way to fix it... occasionally I just give in an drink an energy drink...kills me but it also gives me the energy i need to clean my one bedroom apartment lol.
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My sleeping habits are the same. I wake up pretty much every 2 hours. All night and into the mornings. It's awful. Once the afternoon comes around I'm ready to crash
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I have the same problem. I can sleep for 8 hours and still feel like I not slept... For u it's lucky. I'm trying to get my partner to understand the full symptoms of crohns.
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Hey there, with you on the fatigue-malaise thing. For awhile (granted, I was far from any sort of flare up so I was feeling much better anyway) I was on some heavy duty Vitamin D cause my levels were low and I didn't feel as tired during that time period. If your doctor hasn't done any blood work for that, I suggest you ask cause that might help you to feel better. I've read Vitamin B can help with energy too. Ask your GP/GI before you start vitamins though cause depending on your symptoms it might make things worse.
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Hey howard there's a lady online that does a really good job at explaining her condition...a really relate to it..... her name is kelly patricia shes actually suggests the crohns forum for support

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