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Weekend in hospital

Just spent the weekend in hospital with an infected perineal abscess that was giving me a fever... I ended up having surgery under general anaesthetic to get it drained (no external incision thank goodness, they managed to do it all with a scope as it was quite small)

I'm now back at home recovering with a slightly (but not terribly) painful bum. Anyone know how you're supposed to stop the abscess from just coming back? My vision of what's there now is that there's a little hole up my butt somewhere where the surgeon drained it. They said it should just heal up, but I kind of don't see how... What's to stop stuff just getting in it again? Is there something I should be doing?

I'm on Azathioprine as well, going to give my consultant a call and see if I should still be on that with infections happening.
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Hey Weatherwax - Sorry about your weekend. Did they indicate that there was a fistula at all? I don't think you can do much to keep an internal abscess like that clean...? I would still do the whole sitz bath thing but I don't think that will help with cleanliness up there. That sounds like a good question for your consultant.

Regarding the Aza - I have had multiple infections and drainages and although they have stopped my biologics a couple times they have never had me stop the Aza.

Good luck, I hope that this was a one time issue for you.

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Ugh sorry to hear. Sailor is right it's hard to do much to keep it clean. I failed and have my ostomy because surgeries and meds didn't work.

Are you on a post-op antibiotic? Certainly sitz baths, maybe an organic baby wipe to gently pat the area after you go.
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I think antibiotics would be a good idea (Cipro, Flagyl). Also, a gauze pad folded and gently placed in your undies might help with collecting drainage/staying clean.
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Thanks all. I called my consultant, who said stay on the Aza because it won't make much of a difference.

I'm not on an antibiotic...I was just coming to the end of a course of Flagyl when I started to get a fever from the infection, so they really don't seem to do anything for me. Depressingly I think it's coming back already. I can feel a little hard painful bump right where it was before, and it twinges if I sit on it the wrong way.

So frustrating! I want to be able to walk around pain-free and cycle and have sexy times again, darn it -_-
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Sorry you are dealing with fistulas hubby has been dealing with them since 2005. Like yourself he has had fevers with his and was admitted. His last removal a nurse came to the house and packed his. He did say sitz bath did help as we'll talk to your Dr and see if sitz bath are ok. Sending your way.
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I have a seton in my fistula to keep it open and draining. Hot baths are the best if you have a opening. Otherwise if it closes again, the infection will come back. I know it sucks. Will pray for you.

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