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Prometheus IBD testing

Has anyone had this test done? Did it help to diagnose you? How long did it take for results to come back? I just had the blood drawn for it today. I have high hopes that it will help my doctor to diagnose me, as I had a CT scan that showed inflammation in patchy places of my colon (that directly correspond to areas I have pain), but a colonscopy came back clean. I just want answers so that we can get a treatment plan going and I can hopefully start feeling better.
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I had the prometheus blood test done before I was initially diagnosed. It came back saying that I did not have the right genes for Crohn's or Colitis, however my symptoms were clear cut Crohn's symptoms. So, even though the test was negative, I was still diagnosed with Crohn's. I hope this helps?
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I have had the test but it's not back yet either

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My son had the test, already diagnosed with Crohn's at the time but GI wanted a bigger picture as symptoms, test, growth, etc were not all matching up. Came back as having the Crohn's markers and genetic markers for fistulzing/stricturing crohn's

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Thanks guys. How long did it take for your results to come in? I'm thinking a few weeks....?
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Mine came back positive for genetic Crohns with the markers for fistualizing disease. It was 2 weeks if I remember correctly.

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I was diagnosed through colonoscopy/endoscopy but I've gotten Prometheus tests done to look at antibodies and to get a bigger picture of my disease activity. Normally took about a week for the results to get to my doctor.

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