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Can SCD help perianal abscess?

My friend was diagnosed as UC before. Recently she has a very small perianal abscess, in soybean size. Now her doctor suspect she may have Crohn's. She wants to know is there any one use SCD to heal the perianal abscess. Does she need to do the draining first before SCD?

Any suggestion are appreciated.
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It probably needs to be drained first.
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I think a course of antibiotics (Cipro/Flagyl combo) would be the best thing to start with. Hopefully it will resolve with that, but if not draining may be necessary. SCD may be better as a preventative measure for abscesses, rather than a treatment. Good luck with everything and I hope your friend feels better.
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"This diet works for me. But it must be started correctly.........My fistula is healing up well but it was very large and I know it takes time"
"I wanted to write about my experiences with the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) diet, and how it healed my rectal fistulas, and put my crohn's in complete remission ."
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Drain the abscess first, then focus on the diet. Also, try healing that area by taking baths so that there's less of a chance for it to come back (maybe every/other day right after it is drained, then a couple times a week, and so on). It's annoying to clean the bath tub all the time, but it can lessen the pain.
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Hi - new member. I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 3 months ago. Have lost ~40 lbs, typical symptoms, etc. My mom is a nurse who (ironically) works in a GI office (doing studies for a number of diseases...unfortunately none on Crohn's yet). She asked around in the office (per your question above), as I have a perirectal abscess as well.

The short answer that she received is: given the diet's purpose (to reduce the inflammatory response of body by reducing the amount of bad bacteria in the gut), the perirectal abscesses (which are a bi-product of this inflammation and the bacteria) would theoretically be reduced / eliminated in the event the diet successfully manages to cut out the inflammation. Keep in mind, neither her, the GI's that she talked to, or myself are purporting to understand this fully or argue that it is 100% accurate (I know, these statements suck, because everyone wants a solution, but it's just not a reality...)

I myself have been on the diet for 2 weeks and have been enormously successful in reducing D and bloating. I have been approaching it slowly...adding foods in when I feel ready. My strategy was to add in one "lighter" food followed by one "heavier" food....i.e baked apples / pears followed by avacados (rich in calories and nutrients).

Now, I eat avacados like they are going out of style.

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