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Weight loss anyone?

I'm one of the heavier crohnies :/ but I've been on prednisone since August of 2013 along with remicade and 6-mp and a giant list of other meds. My gi doctor have me go back up to 40 mg again when it took me 3-4 months to get down to 5 mg. I've lost 15 pounds in 3 days just wondering if anyone had this happen?
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Prednisone has water retention as a side effect. It's possible that the reduction in dose may have started to release that water. Had you said 6 or 7, it would have surprised me, but 15 lbs is a lot for just water weight. It could be multiple types of weight loss at play.

As a tubby guy, when I stopped pred, I started losing weight almost immediately, heavier people tend to shed more quickly at the start of weight loss compared to smaller people. But keep any eye out for any other changes, if the rapid weight loss continues, then I would talk to a doctor about it.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Prednisone/Entocort » Weight loss anyone?
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