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mary j
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Humira testing

I have been on Humira and done well for about 3 years. I have had 2 episodes of partial obstruction during this time including this past month. I started being more symptomatic in Oct. My doctor wants me to switch to Cimzia or Remicade. He is saying it is a waste of time to get Prometheus testing. I am wondering whether many of you get this test done before switching to another drug. I did not do well on azathioprine so that is why I was started on Humira.I am currently on 9mg Entocort until I decide what to do next
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I will be getting prometheus testing next week, been on humira for 4 years.
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I started Humira in October 2013 (six mos ago) and have had no results. I just had the Prometheus testing for Humira antibodies this past week. I asked my doctor why we were doing it, since I've never been on Cimzia or Remicade prior. He stated that if I have the antibodies, he'll switch me to Remi. If I don't, he'll move me to a weekly course of Humira. To him, Humira is the best of the best (his preference, clearly), and he's never had a patient NOT respond to it.

I see him on Mar 31, and should have my results by then. I guess we'll see.

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