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Had my first leak last night...

I had my surgery on 3/5 and have changed the bag and wafer 4 times- 3/6 (changed by the nurse), 3/7, 3/11, and 3/13. The first two times went perfectly, which is to be assumed since it was while I was still in the hospital. I thought the third time went fine, but we may have rushed things because my stoma was releasing stool during the change (now I will change the wafer/bag BEFORE I eat, lol). Yesterday I had quite a bit of itching/tingling/burning throughout the day so my wife and I went ahead and changed the appliance. The barrier ring completely failed and stool was about 1/8" from leaking out of the wafer (I currently use Hollister flat cut-to-fit wafers, thats what I was sent home with). Got everything cleaned up, washed, shaved, and took our time applying everything. Even used a hair dryer after the wafer was stuck on my skin to make sure the barrier ring was adhered to my skin (I use the Coloplast Brava Strip Paste, where it's not preformed). Two questions have come from this experience...

1. My stoma is facing downward like a faucet rather than horizontal. For those with similar stomas, what have your experiences been like with convex wafers instead of flat?

2. Would I be better off using a pre-formed barrier rather than one where I have to form the ring myself?

I am waiting on some supplies to arrive from the ostomy nurse, including stoma powder. I wish it would have arrived sooner because it would help heal the skin that's still slightly burning.
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Hi. Is this a new ostomy? Your stoma will change a lot in the first few months. What work before may no lover be effective. Its important to leave a 1/8th inch gap between the stoma and wafer. What ring are you using? I've had great success with Eakin seals. I rarely have leaks anymore. Hope this helps.
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You'll want to be using the cut-to-fit wafers AT LEAST until your stoma finds a size that it likes, and you'll want to re-measure your stoma every time you change during this time. Also, if you were really sick before, expect your body to change a bit (like gaining weight), because that will change the shape of your abdomen and stoma size.
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Mine hangs down like a spout and this is preferred for an ileostomy. Since yours hangs down, it is unlikely that you will need a convex wafer.

How many days did you go between changes? The more active your stoma is, the sooner you will need to change the bag. I was fine every 4 days in the first two weeks, but then had to change to every other day as it got more active. After about 6 months, I was able to back off to every 3 days.

It sounds like you did everything correctly, it's just your stoma changing, like others have already said.
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Also, I started off with Hollister like you are using. My stoma nurse changed me to Coloplast after my first skin issue. I do MUCH better with Coloplast. You might try a different brand and see if this works better for you. Most manufacturers are quite happy to send you free samples.

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