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Is this what they call an obstruction?

Currently in a flare, been in hospital for a week on IV steroids because my inflammation markers were high and I was suffering stomach pain. I got out yesterday and am on 30mg Pred and Azathioprine. Before I got out my bloods were all good, I was going to the bathroom very normally once a day and the doctor said it looked like I had responded well to the IV steroids.

Thing is...since I got home from the hospital (yesterday morning) I haven't been to the bathroom at all and my abdomen is fairly distended. It doesn't hurt or anything (just occasional mild twinges), I just feel sort of like I should be going to the loo by now and feel full. I haven't had Crohn's for long so don't really know if I should be worried or not - I've heard of blockages and don't know if this is one? Should I just wait it out and see what happens or am I supposed to go back to A&E because it might be dangerous? Or am I just being a massive hypochondriac and worrying too much after a week of people asking about poop every five minutes, lol. I really, really, really don't want to go back into hospital right now as I have a job interview

Sorry for the TMI.
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I had an obstruction a few years ago. It was very painful. I was treated with prednisone, and was pain free after a couple of days. Seems like if you are on pres, this might be something else. I wouldn't let it go to long if it continues to bother you. At least call the Dr and see what they say.
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I often go a week without going and then I'll have one long day in the bathroom. I wouldn't worry too much about one day but if you get too uncomfortable or nervous or if you throw up, call the doctor. Especially if you vomit.

I don't recommend waiting a week, that is just what I've been going through. And I dread the day I do go. Hopefully when my swelling goes down more, I should go more often. (Fingers crossed).
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If you had an obstruction, it would hurt beyond belief. And the prednisone is probably preventing any obstruction that would be occurring right now....that stuff works really good. You probably have some inflammation still that;s making it hard to go to the bathroom..I bet you'll go a whole lot in a day or two! For now, try just eating clear liquid for a day or two until you can go to the bathroom again more normally.
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