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New to this and just prescribed Asacol-800

I have just gotten a diagnosis of Crohn's colitis (after having moderate crohn's symptoms for as long as I can remember). I have started taking 16mg of Asacol-800 a day and the GI prescribed it for 3 months, with a follow up after 3 months. Unfortunately the GI was running late and I feel like the appointment lasted only 3 minutes, so I could not get many questions answered. I am curious about other people's experiences with Asacol.

How long does it usually take to be effective/was it effective for you?

Do you have any tips or tricks on remembering to take medication 3 times a day (I am on synthroid for hypothyroidism as well, so I actually have to take pills 4 different times a day now)? I am really bad at remembering medication.

I know that for medical advice I should be asking my doctor, but my abdomen has recently been tender when pressed on, would asacol help with this? I assume it is connected to my colitis, but I will ask my GP just to be safe next week when I am in.
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Hello elr
Welcome to the forum.
If you have an iPod or similar minicomputer device there is a reminder section that you could program to deliver a signal at appropriate time intervals..
It might be best to take the synthroid at bedtime, there have been some studies suggesting this
might be the best time., and allow at least an hour after taking the last dose of asacol.
You could also ask your doctor about any possible interactions.
The asacol should be properly spaced also and again I would be asking the doctor for specific directions with regard to the time interval between should it be every 8 hours---etc
Having established these parameters then you could program them into the computer for reminders.
If you don't have a computer then write it down on a piece of paper to keep in your pocket and one copy at your bedside.
Review it night and day to make sure you took it.
With regard to the abdominal tenderness,it should always be reported to your doctor.
If it is troubling you do not wait for the appointment time but phone the doc and let them know about it.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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Hi elr and welcome to the forum.
I have been on Asacol for 4 years almost . To start with I believe I had taken three weeks to feel that I was feeling a benefit from the medication. After that I think my body got used to me taking it and things calmed down . I did have bad days of abdominal pain and still do but I find that the bowel movements are less frequent and in general i dont feel as terrible as I did.
I do think its important to take it consistantly and i take it before meal times,breakfast ,lunch ,dinner. At times I thought it had stopped working and I came off it to see, I soon regretted doing that as it all came back and proved more difficult to get under control.
Do try to take to a IBD nurse or a doctor who is familiar with the disease as they will know best regarding any other symptoms you may be having and remember any change should always be noted and passed on to your doctor.

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