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Pregnancy with Crohn's


My wife is 5 weeks pregnant after nearly 3 years of trying to conceive. Although her Crohn's has not been active for the last 18 months (as in very little pain or discomfort or on any medication) we did have what we were led to believe to have several 'chemical' pregnancies.

We've tried reflexology to help, which has certainly helped with relaxation and getting a set cycle. Despite all this it just wasn't happening.

Until... We discovered Raspberry Leaf Tea which is supposed to aid fertility. Within a month of taking my wife fell pregnant. Coincidence maybe, but I'm 99% sure this has made the difference having read up on its properties. There are many mixed reviews online about continue to taking it, but it does appear to strengthen the Uterus.

I know this is largely focused more on pregnancy rather than Crohn's, but was just after some advice as to whether anyone has taken the raspberry leaf tea during early stages of pregnancy?

We have also been told that people with auto-immune diseases are more likely to suffer from miscarriages? If this is the case, does anyone know of anything that can be taken to try and prevent this?

We are obviously very anxious as it has taken so long to get to here, we obviously want to do our best to avoid any potential heartbreak.

If anyone does have any thoughts on the tea or indeed on preventing anything going wrong, we would be extremely grateful.



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