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Throat pain and starting prednisone

I was diagnosed in 2006 with mild to moderate Crohn's in two spots in my large intestine. Was prescribed Pentasa and Entocort. Managed alright for a few years with some symptoms here and there and flare ups of Crohns Arthritis. Went gluten free, among other things, and got off meds. Have felt pretty good for the past few years. I recently had a baby and the stress I guess sent me into a flare. Doctor put me on Uceris. It doesn't seem to be kicking in as I have frequent diarrhea, overall fatigue, and now fissures. Doctor is planning to do a prednisone course if I don't show improvement by tomorrow.

Over the past few days I've been noticing that my throat hurts really bad kind of like Strep. The thing is though, it doesn't happen all the time. It's the most when I wake up. It feels really dry and like a deep ache, more to one side, and hurts to swallow. I've had strep and other throat infections before, but figure I would be symptomatic all the time and feel "sicker" in general. I know this does sound like acid reflux especially given the fact I'm worse after laying down but is it likely acid reflux when my only symptom is right sided throat pain? I also wonder if it could be due to dehydration? My biggest concern is with starting prednisone if I have some sort of infection. I'm really uncomfortable with the crohns and losing weight (can't afford to lose much anyway!) and so though I've been putting off the prednisone I'm ready for it. I know it can take days to get a throat culture back. Would it be wise to start the pred and then get the throat checked? Could I get treated with antibiotics while on the pred? Does this sound like acid reflux or crohns of the throat?
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Hi Elizajp
Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly :-( Pain on one side of the throat, it could be tonsillitis or something like that, that could be seen by a doctor just looking at your throat. I don't think there is such a big issue starting pred when you have an infection. It is mainly an issue with the 'big guns' such as the biologics. If you have an IBD nurse, it might be worth putting in a call if you can. Or see if you can get in to see your GP on Monday?
Hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks for your reply! I had my tonsils out when I was 3 so it shouldn't be tonsillitis. I am going to call my GP to see if they can swab me for strep. When I woke up this morning it's getting very difficult to swallow at all- I'm getting kind of nervous! That's good to hear that the prednisone shouldn't be a problem though.

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