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Flare ups & Experiences


How many flare ups can one have. Its crazy I seem to have them at least once every other month and it really, gets me down. I'm having a great one at the moment, sooo painfull especially on the left side, am on a high dosage of pred, its knocking me for six. Have to see the consultant and doc monday, cant work, my boss is not happy as he says that nothing is being done, DONT THINK HE UNDERSTANDS THIS IS A CHRONIC DISEASE. I'm worried I will lose my job, have been in my job for 14 years, and only found out 4 yrs ago. Had right hemi-colectomy hoping it would help. 4 months later was back in hospital.
I know I'm not the only one that gets depressed over it, cos when I'm well I feel really great, then a month later down I go. When I was in hospital I was told if I had a hemi-colectomy it would or could be years before another flare up, how wrong they were.

How many flare ups does anyone else have ? People think I'm lying, they need to have my pains and toilet probs then, I work two floors up and two corridors away from my nearest loo at work, and then they wonder why I'm away.

Does anyone else have problems like me ?

Regards Kareisue
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wow sorry to hear yours are so bad and frequent! i have them once a month with my period but theyre not severe enugh to be hospitalised but im in the hospital maybe 5-6 times a year but im newly diagnosed so its not all under control yet. maybe you should try dif meds you change something your eating? it might help. good luck to you!
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