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Humira Mishap!

Hi everyone,

I am currently taking humira (and imuran/steroids when needed). Today is my humira day and it is my 2nd day being on 1 every 2nd week.

I went to do it, had my hand over the button but decided to shift in my seat and sit up straight. As I shifted I pressed the button, heard the click but took the injection out. The liquid went over my hand before I put it into a towel.
The area had blood on it (it is now red and inflamed) but it didn't sting like it usually does. I washed my hand straight away.

I have tried looking up the leaftlet and googling what I should do but apparently I'm the only idiot who has done this!

My question is, should I do another one (that was my last one so I'll need to get more tomorrow) and should I be worried that it touched my skin?

Please help!

Laura x
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I hope someone with experience in this replies soon. I do the prefilled syringe but am always concerned what I do if something happens. Progress, The company that helped manage the medication approval with insurance, and set me up with nurse visits told me to contact them if something happens. Did you have a company that contacted you for setting this all up like Progress? If so i would call them.

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I would either call your GI, IBD nurse, or the Humira hotline. I did this when I was taking Humira, however I didn't even get the injection in my thigh- it went off before I made contact with the skin. I had an extra Humira in my fridge and my doctor said to use that. I think Humira said they could have sent me an extra one overnight if I needed it, but I never had another one of these situations.

I would not worry about getting Humira on your skin. If you think about it, Humira comes in contact with your skin every time you inject. I do not think that is a problem at all.
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