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I just want to feel 'well'!


I'm Amy and I'm new to this forum :-) I live in the UK.

I have had symptoms of IBS for the last 6 years but for the last year or so I've had blood in my stools. My GP seemed to think this was normal for IBS sufferers!? For the last 6 months I've been loosing weight during 'flare ups', had horrid bowel movements, crippling abdo pain and generally felt exhausted and achy. About 3 years ago I was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis but my appendix was fine and they never found a cause of my acute abdominal pain, diarrhoea and fatigue.

About a month ago we moved house and I got a new GP who listened to my symptoms and history and immediately referred me for an emergency colonoscopy after saying he would put money on that I have Crohn's disease. The colonoscopy without sedation was the most horrific experience (mild discomfort wtf?!) but was sadly inconclusive. I've had bloods done but haven't had the results yet.

I'm waiting for an appointment for a more in depth colonoscopy under sedation as the pain I get is more lower right quadrant but I just want someone to tell me what is wrong so that I can have some chance of treating it! I feel so exhausted and I have a small child so its not great! Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Sorry for the rant and long post, thanks for reading!

Amy x
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Hello Amy,don,t bother about ranting and raving occasionally we all feel that way,colonoscopies are hideous the prep is awful I,d sooner drink cat pee ,but they are a necessary evil to get your diagnosis correct and get you on the right meds to make you feel better.the feeling knackered thing is part of crohns if you have it, but it will get better,moving house and a small child will have upped your stress levels which are bad for ibd so try to chill out,have you tried a food diary in case your eating something that sets you off?try blanding out your diet for a few days see if that helps chicken,chicken and yes more chicken with chicken on the side.if things are really bad tummy wise homemade soup with veggies well cooked and blended help.all the best good luck

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Ok thank you for the advice, I've started a food diary although I'm feeling so pants atm that I'm not eating much anyway! My friend who's sister has Crohns recommended soup and shakes so that might be a better option now. I'm dreading the next procedure, the only thing that got me through the colonoscopy was that I might actually find out what is wrong! My husband said I should try a dairy free diet, do you think that may benefit me? Sorry for all the questions, nice as my gastro dr was she didn't really give me any info and after the colonoscopy I wasn't in a fit state to ask questions lol
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I agree! Colonoscopies are pretty gross. I have had two since I was diagnosed in May. I woke up from the sedation in my first one, and started telling my doctor something. When I woke up, he told me that "You did not like the scope, and had no problem telling me how much you disliked the scope." He wouldn't tell me exactly what I said, but apparently I cussed him out while I was under. Poor guy.

Good luck with it all! It took me about a year of the doctors and nurses saying "you're just constapated. Go home and take this. Eat more fibre." and then looking at my like I'm an idiot when I come back again with more pain, and tell me the same thing. It took me month of going to work (I teach high school) in so much pain I could barely walk or stand, and then one day physically not being able to get up or walk, before I went to the hospital again. A doctor took me seriously, and I had a preliminary diagnosis within 27 hours (after about 10 or 15 different tests) and a formal diagnosis in another month. Not 7 months after being diagnosed, I was under the knife to have my horribly messed up terminal ileum removed.

I hope that when you get a diagnosis, it all goes smoothly for you too! It can take a while to get people, even doctors, to take you seriously when you look fine on the outside.
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Hello Amy,

Don't be afraid to rant on here, it's always good to get it out to people who understand you. I know colonoscopy's are horrible, the prep isn't good either. If you had moviprep for the last one and struggled with it, ask for Picolax for the next one.

It's sometimes quite a long time before these things do get diagnosed and you just have to do your best with coping while you wait for tests. Do you take any medication? Sometimes it's just a case of controlling things before the diagnosis.

Just keep pushing through for now and good luck for the colonoscopy. Hope you get some answers soon.

Rose x

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