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Partial Obstruction Treatment at Home

I have a partial obstruction. . I've been in remission a few months and off most meds. On pain management as well as remicade and 6mp. But I am regular still goin 3x a day average and apparently goin around the obstruction. GI Dr is always slow at responding but I can always get my pain dr quickly. My question is... is it possible to help clear this by doing like a colonoscopy prep of Gatorade and miralax and avoid hospitalization? Im a single parent so can't be hospitalized. And If this has a shot of working would increase in pain meds make it worse? Im in a lot more pain due to this and know its gonna be worse while clearing. And also would any other meds from dr help? His office is always good at sending in prednisone and flagyl. Just hoping to try at home and use er and hospital as last resort. From what im told blockage seems close to colon.
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I wouldn't use colonoscopy prep for a partial obstruction. There is always the chance you could totally block and end up very ill. Has your GI suggested anything when partially blocked?

My GI has me immediately go on clear fluids then a couple of days later go on the BRAT diet. (Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). I find that usually calms everything down. If I'm constipated, I use a stool softener suggested by my doctor. Mi also have to be very careful of fibre. I cannot eat anything fibrous 2 days in a row or I end up with pain and blocking.

I would suggest you get in to see your GI and run this by him/her.

Take care!

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Hello and welcome. I agree with Alison speak with your GI about doing an X-ray of your lower abdomen. Hope you get to feeling better soon
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Hes done a ct and said I looked blocked but was in a flare so said shouldn't be an issue since was having diarrhea 6+ times a day. This was months ago. Im outta flare and never had an obstruction or anything but pains I thought were female related are not and ultrasound she did shows block. Gi never ever calls back. But always sends in whatever meds I need or request. And I also can text my pain dr. Haven't done anything as far as scope prep. Tried taking 1 xlax last night and no change. But im so skinny I can feel were I'm blocked from tbe outside. But I know its partial cuz im atill regular and daily. Im a single mom so can't be hospitalized. Why was hoping something from home would help. And wasn't sure if rewuesting extra pain control was counterproductive. Thanks
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This is what I do and I have had well over 25 partial obstructions and have one on the way tonight. Stop all solid food. for 2 hours drink some form of clear fluid water tea camomile is calming every 15 minute thereafter drink water. use a suppository and another even if your bowel does move. Drink as much as you can, olay down and rest. If you feel sick or are sick just take sips for 24 hours with a good pain med mine is morphine but if the pain comes in waves and builds up or you start vomiting then its of to ER as you could rupture or land with peritonitis this is not to be messed with and make sure you have a good trustworthy person you can leave the children with. I can assure you the pain of obstruction will send you screaming to hospital begging for strong painkillers and maybe even a nasogastric tube. I hope this helps.

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