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C Diff

My daughter suffered with horrible diarrhea for 3 months. In hospital twice for dehydation. Tested stool each time and came up with nothing. Labs,scopes,everything negative. She does have perianal Crohns, but they said in remission. Our ped GI said it was just emotional/nerves and to take her back to pediatrician and get her on more antidepressants. I fired him instead and took her to IBD specialist at Vandy. One hour office visit with lab and stool specimen and guess what ? C Diff. which they found on DNA Amplification test. Don't trust routine stool checks. Ask for this test.
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You hard ache is what I harp on alot---- the hospital labs are terrible and a JOKE

Look into great plans LAB in the midwest ... the best 645.00 you ll spend and get some answers ... http://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/home/eng/home.asp
look at getting there OAT test (organic acid test)
and there Comp stool
the stool test 48 different types of yeast, 92 bacteria 22 parisites
they also tell you what your short chain fatty acids and many other things...

Im lost as to why so many people do do this.... look at these tests and there sample reports...
I look into getting the (IBD EXPNDED PANEL) as well labcorp
the people with this disease is you have more than one thing wrong... whats her diet like
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Hello pip mom, I'm so sorry that your daughter has been dealing with this, these things are hard enough for adults *hugs*

I'm sorry you've not had any more helpful answers sooner and that I haven't seen the thread. .... I'm hoping that your girl is starting to feel better by now?

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Sorry to hear about the c diff. My kid had it in January and was glad to get rid of it on the first try of antibiotics. She has since tested negative twice so I hope it is gone for a while. In the Parents of Kids with IBD there are a few threads on CDiff & how various kids managed with it. Search and check it out.

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