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Laying down causes bowel cramping

c-diff infection lead to moderate flare. (4 wks ago)
neasea, dizzyness, extremely tired, aweful cramping, sore muscles, severe headaches, but no Diarrhea.
got put on that terrible medicine for c-diff & made me feel worse. (for 10 days)
off of that now, but my flare is still acting up.
i got put on bacid and another "good bacteria" med, and also a new medication for iron, and entocort for 6 wks.
every morning i have terrible cramping for about 2 hours, followed by on and off diarrhea and normal stools.
the rest of the day is usually ok. sometimes a little tired and on & off cramping.
but recently i have no appetite.
and everytime i take a nap or lay down for a while i have to go to the bathroom again.

is there a link to laying down and then my bowels cramping and giving my diarrhea?
this has been going on for a little more than 4 wks straight.
end in sight?
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That is an interesting question. When I have an active colon it is usually active in the morning and then settles down. I wonder what the link between sleep or laying down and BMs might be? Sounds like there might be something to it.
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yup that was the same for me. my bowels were ALWAYS awful in the morning. i would go many many times and by the time i was all done i would need to get back in my bed.
never thought about whether or not it had to do with sleeping/laying down or not.

eileenrose you mentioned the meds that youre on for the c-diff, are you on any for the crohns itself?
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Im completely opposite, my bowels always come more in the middle of the night and late afternoon.

usually when I lay down after awhile I got terrible cramp pains. I don't know why that is though. i hope you feel better eileenrose.

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