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How many have sinus issues, migraines etc

Was wondering how many people get migraines???

How many people have sinus issues????

And the kicker Hemorrhoids???

with there IBS , colitis and or crohns
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I do have migraines and sinus issues but don't see any relation to crohn's.
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I ask this because.... I been doing testing now for two years and have seen a connection for me... lowered my YEAST and my crohns apears to be gone.. I now dont get headaches.. my sinus is clear was a mess for 30 years... no more switching from diarrhea to constipated - good digestion

When you look at everyone who has this bad disease they always have one or more of these below up...but most docs are lazy and dont run this test...They mainly have ASCA and AMCA both are antibodies to yeasts and some have more added with others(other antibodies below). People with yeast again which no docs GI look at or even your standard doc tend to have migraines, hemorrhoids sinus issues,. The may clinic said in 1999 that 90 percent of all sinus is fungus related but your doc doesnt treat it that way

I had AMCA and ALCA AMCA = candida yeast and ALCA is sugars see below
I first removed sugars and my number dropped... the AMCA came done slightly.. After I took things antifungals they number dropped in half. Yet no doctor told me this or even looked at this ....they were focused on bacteria..
YEAST NEED SUGARS-- which can be in the form of GRAINS, MILK STRACHES
Bad bacteria also eats sugar

Ive done lots of tests and documented everything.. your good bacteria can never excel if yeast is in the way,, After I did this my bacteria good ones went up from my probiotic source.
One test I found import was the ( IBD EXPANDED PANEL) from labcorp
the test ::::Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Expanded Profile
Test Number: 162045

This test s
Antichitobioside carbohydrate antibodies (ACCA)
antilaminaribioside carbohydrate antibodies (ALCA)
antimannobioside carbohydrate antibodies (AMCA)
anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies (gASCA)
atypical perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (pANCA).

When you look into many of us with crohns many have one or more of these elevated

AMCA from reseach = candida albicans/yeast/fungus or Mannobiose
Mannobiose is a disaccharide. It is formed by a condensation reaction, Recombinant proteins produced in yeast may be subject to mannose

ASCA =Saccharomyces cerevisiae bakers brewers yeast " sugar mold"

Sucrose-- table sugar,
Maltose -digestion of starch by amylase;is converted to glucose by maltase.
Lactose---- disaccharide sugar that is found most notably in milk
Trehalose--- disaccharide mushroom sugar found in such microorganisms as baker's yeast and wine yeast sunflower seeds Streptococcus mutans, the common oral bacterium responsible for dental plaque.
celliose --- It is the main component of plant cell walls

I also did many other tests.... great plans OAT test showed yeast in higher numbers then normal...
My elisa act test --- all my reactive foods were certain sugars and starches that feed yeast
My enterolab was the same...
I removed these i got better...... then used natural anti fungals to lower yeast adding high dose of probiotics to quickly fill in the void.

I ve done alot of repeat testing and can share with you my examples or reports
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It's interesting what you say. When I was flaring very badly, I was having migraines very often and after keeping a food diary, realised that they were occurring when I had eaten sweet or yeasty foods like cake. These also aggravated my stomach pain and other symptoms.
Dx Crohn's terminal ileum April 2011
Ileocaecal resection & partial cystectomy Sept 2012
3.5 years happy remission, in mild flare since Feb 2016 with related Portal Vein Thrombosis

Previous: Prednisolone, Mesren, Omeprazole, Infliximab, Azathioprine
Current: Pentasa, Librax, Warfarin
Helen x
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Interesting. I have chronic migraines, and have prior to being diagnosed with Crohn's--and along with my Crohn's diagnosis I have chronic small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and impaired/slow gut motility--fairly sure it's gastroparesis but haven't been tested. I've been on a strict low-fodmap elimination diet for almost three weeks, and it has really helped the bloating a lot, but not the pain or the fullness or nausea.
Conditions: gastroduodenal Crohn's disease; chronic SIBO; bile reflux; gastroparesis; intestinal dysmotility; hiatal hernia; hypogammaglobulinemia; IBS; chronic migraine; fibromyalgia; sensory processing sensitivity; Raynaud's; congenital cataracts
Current treatments: Humira biweekly, Azathioprine 50 mg once daily, Xifaxan 550 mg daily on alternating weeks, Omeprazole 20 mg, Cymbalta (for pain), VSL#3 Probiotic, Iberogast, Remeron, Zofran; permanent TPN
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Oh, and I have sinus issues. I always have, along with environmental allergies, but they have gotten more frequent and worse since being on Humira and Azathioprine. It's worth it since it helps control the Crohn's, though.
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I say this... As I had sinus issues my whole life.. stuffed nose nasal drip in the morning etc SNORED like a monster... I even would choke and wake my self up.. Not trying to sound strange but For me getting this crohns has been bad but am also happy it happen to me. As ive been lucky and been able to clear up alot things Ive had over the years

It allowed me to dig deep and look into things more as well minor aliments I had. Im not joking as now I can breathe i dont hack spit snort all day.

When you look into all those who follow fungus like doug kauffman you see what he says makes sense. I followed the SCD diet it work kind of for me.. I was better but not right. Until I did all my testing ( lucky for me I had the money to use) and had -I repeat had good medical insurance . As it sucks now. I was able to pin point alot.( food antibodies...yeast low bacteria etc. My GP is great and worked with me allowing me to take control as he has seen the change and can back me up. I felt my gastro was only interested in what pills were going to work for me. Not finding a cause. I told me GP i would take the pills if I far so good.. and my results have not lied and i havent this great ever...

When you really dig on fungus/ yeast / candida you ll see no one looks at this... you have to be immune o compromised in there eyes.. Here is an example that made me really dig more.

When I was in the hospital...they tossed three antibotics at me zyson , Flagyl , Ciprofloxacin rotated them , nothing cultured but thats what they did.. and Im sure many others dont have something come back. Now ln my bed infectious disease comes
in they ask-----"" please sit up... we want to look at your back and side... now stick out your tongue... take off the hospital socks..."" they look me over and I ask what are you doing ..they say We want to see if you have any fungus over growth.. I laugh and say --how are you going to know this by looking at me??? I say dont you need to look in me or at my blood... I laugh and say its already high...... my AMCA is bad.. they had no idea how to respond... I looked good OUTside wise so I must be fine...

Antibiotics cause yeast over growth -- but you wont hear that from them. Plus there no real accurate tests at the hospital to pick it up. If you kill your gut bacteria.. and we need to kill bad stuff sometimes ( you kill good as well ) the good produce things called short chain fatty acids that produce vitamins and mineral and keep yeast at bay..

Food plays a major role and docs blow this off..... Why testing is so import in my eyes and seeing it in my results

Google - yeast , fungus , candida , candida diet -- symptoms candida youll see theres alot.. When you kill yeast you get sick from the toxins they release , they also release toxins when there over grown.

Many here may call me crazy , but for my case my ALCA was up and my AMCA was up
normal for AMCA is less 90
Mine after I felt better and my first test was 205

today its 58-75 I test every 4 to 6 months.... to see what its doing
it has worked.. But I also know its worked as my results from great plans lab
shows my yeast drop
My first test I had moderate levels in my stool and high makers for byproducts several in urine
Today I have NONE in stool in my retest and way lower levels in my urine for yeast byproducts

Now if you look at many of us --Im guilty what probiotic foods did i eat in the past...almost non. Store yogurt is not a good example. How many antibiotics have I had over the years...As a kid... adult ( dental) that one time sick... It makes you really wonder...
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I have migraines, but my new Rheumy said they are related to my Fibromyalgia, and my Fibro is related to my Crohn' I guess they indirectly trace back to Crohn's.
Meds that failed me: Remicade, Humira, Cimzia, Entocort.

Waiting for a cure!
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Was wondering how many people get migraines???

How many people have sinus issues????

And the kicker Hemorrhoids???

with there IBS , colitis and or crohns
I get all 3 ! Yeah me
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Look into doug kauffmann he may open your eyes wide with what hes been saying look at this web site he even talks about Fibromyalgia.. look at the videos watch them , he sites tons of true stuff facts medical stuff,,,, you ll get hooked quick,, I didnt base my treatment on it... I found him later , but to me he is dead on.. there s a couple crohns people who were on here as well....saying there doing better, His thing is yeast/fungus and points to all the foods that eat fungus/ yeast...

fibromyalgia--watch this

all videos

look through all the videos you see stomach ones,, migraine ones , sinus , cancer etc... research what he says... youll see alot of it is not talked about by big pharm

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When you read up on yeast.... fungus.. These people say we normally have it in our system , but as its changes form and gets pathogenic (overgrowth) from bad food choices beer alcohol -- stored silo grains, corn etc too many antibiotics. One reason so corn and grains are GMO is to make them resistant to heat water.. and the have modified them to try and resist fungus..

Yeast is like bacteria and lives in our gut... when its pathogenic it can bore into the gi tract. as it roots. Its not seen as it microscopic and they dont see it on colon tests..
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All three for me!
Migraines started 10years ago. Sinus issues started about 4 years ago. Hem roads started 5 months ago.

Oh the joy of Crohns!
Crohns for 26 years
Previous meds: Pentasa, Imuran
Current meds:
Humira weekly
- multi vitamin and vitamin D
- B12 shots monthly
Mother of one beautiful boy and a puppy! 👪🐶Happily married to an amazing and patient man, that I call my best friend❤️I'm just living life one day at a time and trying to figure out this crazy disease! 🍀🌞⭐️
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I've been getting migraines since I was 13 and Sinus issues since about then as well. I wasn't diagnosed or having problems prior to being diagnosed till I was 20 though so I'm not too sure if its related or if its just a coincidence
Pentasa 400mg
Azathioprine 125mg

Past Medications
Prednisolone, Methotrexate oral & injections, Budesonide, Omeprazole, Asacol, Infliximabl
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I've had chronic migraines for as long as I can remember, though they've actually decreased in frequency since my diagnosis -- mostly because increased pressure in my eyes made me see an optometrist and get glasses, which helped with stress on my eyes. (That said, I'm +.25 in one eye and -.25 in the other.)

Otherwise, consulting with my neurologist made me realize I was getting rebound headaches from taking too many NSAIDs/anti-inflammatories, so now I'm much more careful about taking them. (I limit myself as much as I can.)

Diagnosis: Fistulizing Crohn's, 2011 (originally Dx as Ulcerative Pancolitis)
Past Medication: Pentasa, Remicade, Prednisone, Imuran
Current Medication: Humira (biweekly), 100mg 6mp
Unrelated Medication: 36mg Concerta, 75mg Pregabalin
Currently: In remission!
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The ocean

Read up on may find this interesting...just a simple link I found in 5 sec google...theres many
Read this makes me wonder more and more As well --- side effects of candida
you ll depression and anxiety

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I know no one really believes me....

But I chose not to take meds.....only natural things to kill lower bacteria , things to lower kill yeast... and things to populate my gut with good bacteria. Ive documented my 2 years in testing and I see the big picture with my self..People dont want to believe in diet.. they want a quick fix to feel better and no one knows how each of us feel... I say it like this... you have a grass lawn you dont take care of it..( by eating a bad diet, tons of processed foods, pizza beer, junk , WAY to much sugar -- eating to much fruit is bad as well) the lawn get weeds.. places in the lawn die (bare patches) its hard to grow new grass with SEED. the weeds keep growing in the place that was bare-- you spray this weeds with killer , then new weeds come back.

I call those weeds (yeast and bacteria) we all are so focused on bacteria. Yeast live in the gut, the nose and ears. (your sinus) If you have it in your sinus clogged nasal and nasal drip you just re infecting your self over and over...your ENT doesnt really look at this as your GI doesnt too.

The food we eat makes a difference..look at probiotics as seed...again look at them as in a lawn and grass if you plant seed , and spray weed killer seed doesnt grow??? same with your gut. ( antibiotics ) many medicines also allow weeds not to grow and yeast to grow like crazy...

To get better , I did all the tests a rant about.. but i focused on my sinus first , using olive leaf spray and grapefruit seed extract spray ..both kill yeast -- and some bacteria

then I attacked my gut, taking things like glutamine to help repair but at the same to Cuting out all sugar-- as YEAST eat sugar and same with bad bacteria..The SCD diet is good...but if you eat fruit like I did your not fully fixing the issue I started with SCD and moved on from all my results in testing I modified my food...( why I turned to GAPS or paleo /low sugar/candida diet. From all my testing -- great plans lab , IBS GASTRO PANEL -- IBD EXPANDED panel.. my ALCA= sugar was high( the food for bacteria and yeast...for me mainly YEAST. No doc told me this they dont look at it.. My enterolab showed me what fodos my gut didnt like....and my ELISA act Bio showed me what foods my blood didnt like. You can have reactions in BLOOD or GUT...and can have instant ones IGE or delayed up to 3 days.. IGM IGA IGG TCELL IMMUNE COMPLEX TESTING... why food challenges are so bad.. what you eat today could bug you in 3 days so you mark the wrong food... I removed all them(what came back)-- they were foods that YEAST eat from my research... My as well in my gastro panel my AMCA= canidda albicans/fungus/yeast was real high..more proof.... I attacked it with my diet and anti fungals. the numbers came down

Now back to the lawn example...... While doing all this I added in vitamins and probiotics.. one major problem is the very pills you take may be adding to your problem as many have sources in them that feed yeast or bad bacteria.. you take vit D almost all sources are SOY --yeast eat SOY... SO I changed and bought a vit d3 one lanolin based with olive oil..My score was a 21 at first --today over 50 i take 4000IU (nutrigold brand ) then look at your B12 /Folic / a B complex same here they all have crap... I found and changed to one BLUE BONNET brand 50 Mg free of all rice starch grains milk soy etc like all the others above..Im sure injections use soy ans most meicines need soy lec as a filler... almost all the IV knock out drugs have it.. Same with fish oil.. almost all have SOY...or some crap in them.. I switched to 1000mg of krill oil Nutrigold brand --free of soy starch grains milk etc. Same with my Probiotic -RENEW life 50 billion.. free of all... at one point I used an iron supplement- I dont need it any more it was based from turmeric. nothing else.

So the lawn if you plant seed...probiotics you need fertilizer ( this would be the food you eat-- greens , green veggies low starch etc - color full peppers , bok choy broccoli, cauliflower etc etc ( low starch ones..) as starch feeds YEAST...some good bacteria need starch so until you fix the yeast you cant go there... again I say this from the thousands of research which shows all of us with high ASCA= bakers brewers yeast antibodies and or AMCA = candida yeast you can research this your self...all over the net. At the same time your gut is a soup mix.. when you kill something , something has to fill in the void place.. you kill yeast--- whats going to move in and make it its home.... The HOmeless( bad bacteria) the goal and reason why you need probiotic foods and or Pills. We dont eat any probiotic foods in todays world its all pasteurized-- that yogurt in the store everything has been killed in it and then they add in the bacteria in the end its crap --most have tons of sugar --lactose is sugar as well.. Milk feeds yeast so if this is your problem your not helping.. ME I buy german sauerkraut -- but one with out vinegar should say SALT and cabbage.. If it has vinegar it feeds yeast. When you look at all the food you eat , its has corn surup in it. Any celiac foods or gluten free is basiclly potato starch or rice flour ( both feed yeast) Im sure by now many think im crazy

lets look at my reports just a couple for example
DAY one over 2 years ago
AMCA = 208 anything over 90 is BAD
TODAY AMCA= 58 to 75 when i test

DAYone ALCA = sugars My score 64 anything over 45 is bad
Today my ALCA = 23 to 37 .. depending on how much sugar i eat-- i cheat at parties

My great plans Bacteria
My first when i was sick
2+ bacteriodes fragilis
3+ Bifidobacterrium
3+ Escherichia coli
2+ Lactobacillus
2+ Enterrococcus
3+ Clostridium

Moderate yeast levels detected ( this was after I spend months using antifungals )
microscopic yeast in stool is helpful if there is proliferation of yeast ( this is abnormal )
this is my GUT

My urine had makers in the OAT test
Arbinose is a byproduct of yeast it was high
and a couple others

The species i had above in my clostrida marker are HIGH which means pathogenic ones
this maker was high in my test

Today my results are NONE found in my gut / stool
my by product makers are alot better... almost half that score

Yeast can break the barrier and make it into you blood....why I test with IBD expanded panel AMCA ALCA ACCA ALCA these are all things which break down as foods etc that make antibodies that say your reactive again for me AMCA ALCA today there normal

my bacteria levels are now 4+ in many areas a healthy person should be roughly 3 to 4 plus on all. Every time you take antibotics you wipe out that bacteria many never come back... the winner in the game is YEAST they dont die--- the move in..

good bacteri make / produce short chain fatty acids

As well when i was sick!!!!! note
is an enzyme secreted at the site of
inflammation in the GI tract and elevated levels
have been identified in IBD patients

mine was 1310

today my score is = 97
no thats a change ??????

if you dont have enough good bacteria you dont produce those acids.. if you dont produce these thing you cant protect against bad bacteria.. and yeast
these protect you from YEAST

I have many more results and findings I did testing and to me its yeast --- my health is great and digest perfect now... Read and google what yeast /fugus do to you and all the symptoms they look like many of what every one gets ....sinus , heaches , hemmorhoids/.... but we use over the counter things for them... I did for 35 years the work but temp

I wont lie as the yeast lowered I got sick as hell..... yeast produce toxins when they die ...just a thought for many.. they also produce toxins when there living in you

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SHORT CHAIN FATTY ACIDS -- read the reason you need fiber and all those fertilizer I talk about.... as well the seeds the probiotics

Short chain fatty acids (SCFAs):
SCFAs are
the end product of the bacterial fermentation
process of dietary fiber by beneficial flora in the
gut and play an important role in the health of the
GI as well as protecting against intestinal
dysbiosis. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria produce
large amounts of short chain fatty acids, which
decrease the pH of the intestines and therefore
make the environment unsuitable for pathogens,
including bacteria and yeast. Studies have shown
that SCFAs have numerous implications in
maintaining gut physiology. SCFAs decrease
inflammation, stimulate healing, and contribute to
normal cell metabolism and differentiation. Levels
Total SCFA
in mg/mL are
important for assessing overall SCFA production,
and are reflective of beneficial flora levels and/or
adequate fiber intake

All the pills we take are , not fixing the issue... your masking it to feel better
they help and are a tool to make you better.. but you cant rely on them fully
THEY DO HELP...Im not saying dont take them!!!!! but you should be able to get off them over time

YOU EAT FOODS that feed yeast or bad bacteria --- they make the inflammation -- you take the meds to lower the inflammation or meds to turn off the immune syste from attacking the area...the circle keeps going.. you get sick --you go to the ER they give you strong antibotics they kill all the good bacteria , and that nasty one that made you sick... then yeast grow more... you feel better , go home and start the circle again.. Then the bad bacteria grow back faster... as the avg food we eat feeds them... many of the antibotics cause Cdiff... the bad takes over and grows faster then the good bacteria and the circle keeps on going... Hopefully you can break the cycle.. Why the avg hospital / doc soesnt give you a large dose of probiotics to chase 2 hrs after your antibotics is a loss to me..... most dont
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At this point I think this is just an elaborate troll based on timecube, except with Crohn's and...yeast?
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Sure ...ill be happy to send you any of my blood work...tests etc...with my results
Ive heard it from every doc...doesnt bug me..I feel great...the tests dont lie

I also did the read up my friend you gut make up makes a difference ill be happy to send that gut make up is different now
And is

37 percent bacteroide
20 percent parabacteroides
13 percent akkermanisa

All bacteria google the last one you will learn this one people tend to have a thicker gut barrier.... look up the first one they produce things that block other bad bacteria

Im sure if you did yours it would come up with manly firmicutes which most with inflammation have... try the study its a 100.00 they dna test your make up for a world study

Everyone on this site should do it for reseach and and answers

I ve lost every doc and they dont understand anything I say ..which is all real data ...and dont understand why im fine
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I was having migraines a few weeks ago. So bad, it was like stroke symptoms, had an MRI and everything. But now they are under control again.
Diagnosed with Crohn's June 2012
Mother of 2, Bonsai artist, oil painter
Search and Rescue K9 handler
Graphic Designer
immune to Remicade
currently in remission
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I was having migraines a few weeks ago. So bad, it was like stroke symptoms, had an MRI and everything. But now they are under control again.
May I ask what kind of MRI you had? I need to see my neurologist over migraines and sinus pain.
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All 3, and I have Crohns of the Ti~. Not fun~

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They gave me an MRI as if I had a stroke, they took images of my head and neck. I asked for a copy of it, so I have it on disk. It's way cool. They didn't find anything alarming in my MRI. I do have proof that I have a brain though...
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I have all 3 as well...
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Horrible sinus allergies. I take vitam b12, on a full stomach, and it helps some. I know others don't like colloidal silver, but it does work well for me. I can't quote where for the huge number. I get mine at health stores, and amazon. research on it says good and bad, and some claim that it turned them blue. I don't know. I'm not blue yet.

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