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Easiest/least painful way to remove wafer?

So I am looking to change my wafer and pouch either this evening or tomorrow morning (I usually change every 3-4 days). One thing I am struggling with is removing the wafer in a non-painful manner. I have already ordered adhesive remover from my supplier but it won't be delivered in time for me to change the appliance. Does anyone have any household remedies to make this process easier and less painful? TIA.
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I always just soak in the bathtub and that seems to loosen things up nicely. Besides, by the time I get around to changing my flange, the adhesive is already breaking down and it's not that hard to take it off. I get about 7 days out of one flange.

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Hold the flange and push down on the skin. Try not to peel the flange.

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Take a couple of minutes and shave the area before you put on the new appliance. Unless there is no hair on your stomach, in that case never mind.
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You can use wipes with warm water and take your time soaking and gently pulling the wafer while holding down the skin.

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