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Was this melena?

I'm currently in between doctors, so I'm really not sure what to do. Basically (TMI ahead, warning) -- I just saw a pretty big glob of pitch black poo in the toilet.

SERIOUSLY TMI coming up. For reals. You've been warned.

I'd had bloody diarrhea for the first time in quite a while a couple days ago and more ab pain in general, so I'd been keeping a closer eye on the whole BM sitch than usual. Saw a pretty big splotch of black in an otherwise normal-ish (except a little bit of red here and there) stool and decided to put on rubber gloves and get a plastic spoon. I knocked things around a little because I hoped maybe it was a piece of undigested something-or-other. It was too big for that, because it turned out to be a marble-sized chunk within the bm. I poked at it a little thinking maybe it was blueberry that went undigested or something -- I haven't eaten any blueberries in weeks, but whatever, haha. No. It was plain old poo. But totally black.

So, um. Someone please tell me I'm not bleeding internally and that it could've been something besides melena...please? I'm not taking iron supplements and haven't eaten any copious amounts of red meat lately though...ugh.

FWIW, I'm not diagnosed despite a pretty thorough workup, so if it's anything besides IBS, it's probably hiding in part of the small intestine :-/.
My psychiatry textbook never mentioned pooping blood as a side effect of anxiety.
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Since you had bleeding a few days ago it could be that this was "old" blood?? I'm no Dr. so this is my best guess. If bleeding continues and so does the pain, you should have yourself checked out. Hope you feel better soon!

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