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Could my fistula be returning? please help.

Hello everyone.

Sorry I haven't been about to support others - been a bit of a bad time. We all know what that's like huh?
Anyway, I had surgery to lay open a peri-anal fistula nearly 4 weeks ago now.
surgeon seemed happy with what he'd done and told me he'd review me in 6 weeks time.
I've been using the sitz bath etc, and keeping it very clean and up until a few days ago I was hoping things were going in the right direction. had some discomfort on passing stools but nothing horrendous. However, for the last 3 days the whole area has become really sore, throbbing and have a hard lump at the end of where it was opened. Struggling to sit down and passing stools is really painful. Tried to have a look down there but I really don't know what it's meant to look like. There is definitely a lump though, it's v tender and sore and the open wound beside it is still damp - can see blood when bearing down and it leaks a little (surgeon said that might happen though). It feels reminiscent of how it did before they operated on it with the pain and lump etc.
just wondering if this is 'normal' or not. I've never had a fistula operated on before so I don't know. My crohn's has progressed pretty rapidly over the last few months, resulting in this surgery and now i'm concerned about why I have this pain and lump again.
if anyone could give any advice or info I would be really grateful.
many thanks.
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I had 2 setons placed in December along with one fistulotomy (cutting it open) and it did take quite a while for the fistulotomy to heal. It's still not fully closed. I think it is probably a normal part of the healing process but I'd give your for a call and see if they will see you sooner. Or hit up your GP if your surgeon can't see you.
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Sore, with a lump, would have me calling the doctor. It could be you have a infection brewing and if so, you don't want to leave it for to long before seeing someone.

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I had that done and the same thing happened to me. I went in and he said things were fine, and then 2 weeks later, I needed another surgery and had my first seton placed. The fistula he had layed open did not heal correctly and healed over, forming another fistula and an abscess as well. I would def call your doctor and have him take a look. You don't want to wait too long because if it is an infection, you don't want it to get worse or spread.
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Thank you for responding and for your advice and experiences too. I think I will give my doc a call on Monday and get him to have a look to make sure it's all going the way it should.

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