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Wild Oil of Oregano for Crohn's?

So i recently heard about wild oil of oregano as a possible topical treatment for rosacea. I have a mild form and thought this to be interesting. As i do with every other natural product or supplement or anything, i cross-checked to make sure that there aren't any wild side effects on my crohn's. Currently on remicade (since jan. 2013) every 8 weeks and on 100mg of aziathioprine daily (and vitamin D and Omega3 supplements daily). I've come a long way since i've been on remicade and i finally see remission as a possibility. So, after cross-checking oil of oregano, i've noticed that it is often used to help with digestive issues, namely crohn's.

I've approached my pharmacist and g.i. and they're opposed to my trying anything that doesn't have any proven medical that doesn't help me much. I know that there's way more out there that can help, other than pharmaceutical medicine. Not to mention, this coming from the doctor that is of the opinion that i can eat whatever i want and that no specific diet is necessary for my crohn's -_-. BUT, Remicade has helped a great deal, and i would not want to counter its effects.

Anyone on Remicade and Imuran tried it? If so, please share your experiences.

Another thing that's a little unclear is how one should take it. I've seen that drops in a bath seem to help with fistulas (which is the only reason i can't say that i am in remission), topically on the affected rosacea regions, and many seem to take it by a few drops under the tongue. I'm wondering, if i take it orally, will it help everything? The rosacea, the fistulas and the intestines?

Any advice or personal experiences would be great! Thanks for all and good luck on your journeys.
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Oil of oregano works as a topical anti-microbial & anti-fungal, but will do nothing if it is ingested. It might fight some halitosis, but that's about it. Even it was able to do something to help treat IBD any effect it could have would be destroyed by digestion.
The idea of oil of oregano helping IBD is based upon the incorrect theory that it is being caused by some sort of intestinal parasite or bacteria. It's a placebo, it will have no effect beyond the placebo effect.
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I'll tell you from my experience of putting a small amount of distilled oil of oregano on me and swallowing it I got so hot and almost fainted.
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I found this link about wild oregano oil and Crohn's very helpful, There is also medically proven information in the article if you click on the link. I'm currently breastfeeding, but I plan on trying this protocol when I'm finished. I would recommend doing as much research as you can before trying anything new. Especially being so close to remission. I hope this helps. I will let you know if it helps me when I start it, probably in a few months. Best wishes!
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Right off the bat there are some issues with the website.

1) It contains 4 articles (despite being around for 3 years).
2) The headline states that the site will help you find a cure.
3) Infers the same bacteria cause multiple unrelated conditions
4) All of the science noted in the article is conjecture, or not specifically related to IBD.

Oil of oregano will not harm you. But it is a placebo when taken internally.

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