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New stoma pain normal? help

Hi Ostomates I need your help. Im one week post colostomy surgery and everytime I want to pass gas or stool my stoma cramps up and is painful until everything passes. Please tell me this goes away on its own??
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It worth bringing that up to your surgeon at the follow up ( I am assuming you will have one ?)if it does not go away. I know that I had discomfort for the first few weeks as the whole area healed since itwas swollen and everything could not circulate as it needed to.
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It's likely normal because your body is adjusting. As long as the stoma looks ok, and you are passing stool it's probably fine. Like psychojane said, it doesn't hurt to confirm this with the doctor. I wouldn't worry too much without accompanying symptoms. Your body is getting used to the shock.
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Yeah im seeing my surgeon at the end of the month but I hope its gone by then thanks guys <33
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With a colostomy, our stool is generally much thicker than those with ileos. I always find that I can feel when my stoma is doesn't hurt, but I can feel it. I also almost always feel pressure behind my stoma before I have to fart or have a poop. You get used to it. Like the others have said, since you're healing, you will have pain. Once you're better healed, it should stop.

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